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                 01/18/2018 11:02 PM  
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10/06/2010 09:33 PM ID: 85713 Permalink   

Catholic Group Calls for Ban of Santa Claus


A Catholic group in Berlin wishes to ban the use of Santa Claus and replace him with St. Nicolas. The group, the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics, claims the fictional character is "an invention of the advertising industry designed to boost sales."

On the other hand, St. Nicolas is the patron saint of children and represents selfless giving and the gift of happiness. Several German celebrities are said to be in support of this movement.

The Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics is calling for "Santa Claus-free zones" where his image will not be used.

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  I wish  
they would do that in the U.S. Santa Claus sucks!
  by: John E Angel     10/06/2010 10:12 PM     
  It would  
be better if these people started reading some books and looked at the history behind Sint Nicolaas (Santa Claus).

It´s not all that christian! Or to be more precise almost everything about it is heathen.

But seeing as most christians are as dumb as a doornail when it comes to their own religion, we can´t expect anything that makes any sense from them.
  by: Flutje   10/06/2010 10:36 PM     
  Glad it´s not really a "ban..."  
...but rather a call to society for change (if I read the source right). They´re right about the two characters and I hope this catches on. The ridiculous commercialization of the holiday merits a popular backlash.
  by: MomentOfClarity     10/06/2010 10:40 PM     
  Santa Claus Rules  
Santa Claus Rules!!
you know he´d kick Jesus´s ass.

  by: veya_victaous     10/07/2010 12:47 AM     
Santa Claus, a character for little kids and here are so called adults wishing they change it for this reason or that. And some want to replace it. How about this. If you don´t like the character teach your kids something else. Why ruin it for the millions who have no problem with Santa Claus just the way it is.
You people need to get a phucking life your to miserable and you have way to much time on your hands.
  by: hellblazer     10/07/2010 02:36 AM     
Santa Claus was never a Christian view. Actually the entire holiday of Christmas is rooted from a Pagean holiday a long time ago. Christians then took the day and made it Jesus birth. However, if you read about the birth of Jesus in the Bible, it states that flocks are grazing on grass. In December, grass is frozen and covered in ice. How could animals be grazing in December? Christians got Jesus´ birthday wrong.

[ edited by Student_of_the_World ]
  by: Student_of_the_World     10/07/2010 02:45 AM     
  Lets ban  
Catholic priests who molest little boys.
  by: mcink2   10/07/2010 03:41 AM     
  bah humbug  
bah humbug
  by: mbartnz   10/07/2010 05:07 AM     
Given the fact that Christianity is merely plagiarized Greek mythology, why do we even care?
  by: silencedmajority   10/07/2010 05:23 AM     
Quote: However, if you read about the birth of Jesus in the Bible, it states that flocks are grazing on grass. In December, grass is frozen and covered in ice. How could animals be grazing in December? Christians got Jesus´ birthday wrong.

When is the last time it snowed in Bethlehem (Israel)??

[ edited by hellblazer ]
  by: hellblazer     10/07/2010 06:42 AM     
And Greek mythology was plagiarized Egyptian mythology. How far do you want to go back?
  by: hellblazer     10/07/2010 06:46 AM     
  @ hellblazer  
Actually, it /does/ snow in the hilly regions. It is only the coastal regions that have a wet instead of frozen winter. December and January are generally the coldest months. ;>
  by: velger   10/07/2010 11:32 AM     
  Can´t we just ban...  
Christmas all together?

The next time you feel like really being alienated, ask a Christian why he or she decorates a tree. Or why he or she gets obsessed with decorated eggs and bunny rabbits on Easter day.

You´ll come out looking like the weirdo.
  by: Dayron   10/07/2010 11:41 AM     
  Harmless fun  
I don´t understand why these groups are given so much publicity. I personally believe that Jesus/God etc are also just as fictional as Santa Claus.

The difference in my opinion is, Santa Claus has never been the excuse used for any wars, murders or executions. It´s a harmless character created by an advertising campaign. Children all over the world believe in him and as far as I´m concerned that´s part of the magic of childhood. Why would a so called religious group want to take that magic and innocence away? They have many years ahead of them to be bogged down with the religious opinions people force on to them.
  by: Stination_Eq   10/07/2010 01:42 PM     
  What scum...  
This is just pathetic. A cult takes over the Winter Festival and claims it as ´Christmas´ and then tries to force their own images and rules over everyone...that´s just sick.

Catholicism is the worst example of passive cultish Christianity, and it really should be made illegal in itself.
  by: chiffington   10/07/2010 03:15 PM     
  @velger and @hellblazer  
Catholics do not know the exact date Jesus was born.
The Bible does not specify the month or day, only the year.

Catholics picked the 25th of December as a random date to celebrate his birthday.

Just an fyi.
  by: jhax   10/07/2010 03:22 PM     
  @ jhax  
What makes you think it was chosen randomly?
  by: MouseJunkie     10/07/2010 03:28 PM     
Yeah true, they had their reasons which I don´t remember. I was just pointing out that it was a chosen date, not the real date when it happened.

I didn´t pay that much attention to religion class back in catholic highschool :P
  by: jhax   10/07/2010 03:32 PM     
One needs only to go back as far as Greek mythology in order to discredit the Bible.

[ edited by silencedmajority ]
  by: silencedmajority   10/07/2010 04:00 PM     
I´d have to agree with you.

I don´t take advice from a group of religious nuts who take their sexual frustration out on helpless children...

They can start making suggestions when they start showing the same moral values that they expect everyone else to live by....
  by: jeffillinois   10/07/2010 04:07 PM     
  Dates are not random  
The date in December is not random. Nothing in astrology is.

Jesus was just one of many Christ´s.

If you can get or download a copy of Zeitgeist (Final Edition is the copy I have) all that is explained rather well and far better than I can convey here.

  by: Talesman12   10/07/2010 04:38 PM     
  Sorry son...  
There´s no more Santa.

Talk about a raging group of children ready to shoot every politician in sight.

Not to mention the psychological damage it will cause people when it´s officiall announced Santa Claus is a hoax...
  by: Rokkumon   10/07/2010 07:13 PM     
  It´s funny!  
It´s a lobster with a santa hat and it says Santa Claws! How humorous!
  by: Kolman   10/07/2010 07:22 PM     
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