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                 02/23/2018 01:28 PM  
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10/14/2010 04:14 AM ID: 85821 Permalink   

“Mission Accomplished” on the Chile Minors Rescue


From the moment the first miner, Florencio Avalos, was watched by the world leaving the Phoenix capsule, it took just 21 hours and forty four minutes to rescue the last man.

The foreman, 54-year-old Urzua, had bravely supported his thirty-two men ever since August 5th, as the mine collapsed leaving the 33 men trapped 2,050 feet (625 meters) beneath ground level. They endured 69 days in airless damp conditions.

For the first seventeen days the miners´ biggest fear was that the world would believe them to be dead. 1,500 reporters broadcasting the news as it unfolded world-wide. Finally, as the rescue workers leave, a flag remains saying "Mission accomplished".

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I can sleep. :) Lol

I was so involved with this story. Goodnight SN friends!
  by: captainJane     10/14/2010 04:18 AM     
  by: MannyisHere     10/14/2010 05:07 AM     
  Wonderful News  
Absolutely wonderful.
  by: ichi     10/14/2010 05:17 AM     
What a great feeling for the miners and their families
  by: Sweet*Chillin   10/14/2010 07:16 AM     
  Remember the others  
Meanwhile in China thousands of miners die every year in mining accidents. It´s great that these guys made it out but lets not forget countless men that die that don´t make front page news.
  by: TheBlob   10/14/2010 01:27 PM     
  Oh damn...  
I hope Dubya didn´t land there in a flight jacket... If so it may still be another dozen years at least until all of them are out...
  by: treyjazz   10/14/2010 03:01 PM     
  Good news  
I been worried sick for those guys. Being buried alive is probably my biggest fear.
  by: VermiciousG     10/14/2010 03:53 PM     
  Too overconfident  
I was very concerned when the miners were still in their tomb and the Chilean President was already giving speeches like it was a done deal. The sign "Mission Accomplished" was another thing that worried me. I couldn´t help but think about the Titanic, the ship that "God Himself couldn´t sink". All it would have taken was an earthquake and it would have been over for the still trapped miners.
  by: The IT   10/14/2010 06:03 PM     
  Yea but....  
someone is going to have to go back down there and turn the lights off.
  by: valkyrie123     10/14/2010 06:47 PM     
  Mission Accomplished?  
Did they announce this from the deck of an aircraft carrier?
  by: slavefortheman     10/14/2010 06:54 PM     
  by: jamesmc   10/14/2010 11:08 PM     
  "Mission accomplished" ..  
certainly had a better meaning than the last historical moment it was announced. So personally I am pleased the words were written in a positive way and for good reasons! Making a very pleasant change.

That was weighing on my mind all the time and I missed chatting with you guys. :) Thanks.
  by: captainJane     10/15/2010 01:19 AM     
  This happened...  
over a year ago! Doesn´t time fly.
  by: captainJane     10/14/2011 11:18 AM     
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