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                 04/24/2014 11:10 AM  
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10/16/2010 11:50 AM ID: 85862 Permalink   

BMX Star T.J. Lavin in Coma After Failed Stunt


BMX biker and host of MTV´s show "The Challenge" is in critical condition after a failed stunt, in which he lost control of his bike.

The accident happened at the Dew Tour event in Las Vegas. The biker reportedly "hit a dirt ramp, lost control and slammed down onto the ground".

Doctors decided to induce him into coma to reduce the swelling of his brain. His rep told the press that "he is in the intensive care unit and is currently stabilized".

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too bad it wasnt that annoying stephen glover

[ edited by groomsy ]
  by: groomsy     10/17/2010 05:26 AM     
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