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                 02/23/2018 03:16 PM  
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10/31/2010 11:28 PM ID: 86100 Permalink   

Narcos Enter Guatemalan Jungle


The Peten jungle in Guatemala was the location of a battle with a violent Mexican drug gang. Guatemalan police exchanged gun fire with the Los Zetas. Outmatched and outgunned, police were forced to fall back.

A larger army patrol stepped in to help. Both sides sustained an equal amount of damage. Authorities say the gang was retrieving cocaine, it is believed they were able to maintain their retrieval.

This drug violence is remembrance to some of the brutal genocidal civil war which was carried out during a military dictatorship. A conflict that lasted 36 years. Both Mexico and Guatemala are in the grips of violent drug war.

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  Drug war is a laugh  
A drug war does exist and everyone except the growers and dealers are losing.
Legalize all drugs. Let the people decide if they want to use or not.
Then triple the consequences for those who commit crimes while under the influence. Let there be no "I wasn´t in my right mind" defense.
Hit the addicts HARD.
It´s not logical to allow alcohol and ban other drugs.
  by: elzorro   11/03/2010 05:21 AM     
  Legalize all drugs  
And hit the addicts hard? Wha?
  by: caution2     11/03/2010 06:22 AM     
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