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                 02/24/2018 12:57 PM  
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11/03/2010 01:52 PM ID: 86156 Permalink   

10-Year-Old in Spain Gives Birth


A 10-year-old girl reportedly gave birth the previous week.

It is known that the girl´s mother told staff members in the hospital that delivering a baby at such a young age is not unusual in Spain.

Doctors warned that pregnancies carried health risks for very young girls. The Spanish girl and her baby, however, are in good condition.

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don´t know what the girl´s parents say to this but maybe they know nothing about it because they are separated.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     11/03/2010 02:16 PM     
  by: MannyisHere     11/03/2010 03:14 PM     
  I swear your honor...  
...I did not know she was 9...

WTF, a 10yo gives birth ANYWHERE it is unusual due to biological implications alone. Although I do believe the record was a 9yo mother, but she was proved to have a hormonal condition leading to early development.
  by: BiPolar-express   11/03/2010 03:58 PM     
  Not unusual  
Age of consent is a modern invention and is more of a population control rather then a moral decision. The average child bearing age for most of history was 12. Women were "Old Hags" after 20 until very recent history.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     11/03/2010 03:59 PM     
this is the kind of comment made by closet pedophiles. It´s not the first comment of that type that you have made, by the way. First of all, how does the fact that 12 year olds gave birth in certain cultures at certain times justify a 10 year old being in this situation now? Are we not supposed to be too upset about it or something? All the guys who are for doing away with "age of consent" laws- I wonder if they would be for allowing grown men to have relations with little boys, as they allowed in Ancient Rome? Diocletian had to set the minimum age for boy prostitutes at 7. Since there is a historical precedent for it, would you as a man be ok with that also?

[ edited by gryphon50a ]
  by: gryphon50a   11/03/2010 04:55 PM     
Gryphon50a Wrote:
"This is the kind of comment made by closet pedophiles. It´s not the first comment of that type that you have made, by the way."

Gryphon50a - Troll Much?

Methinks thou dost protest too much...

Ohh see how that works both ways..?..?
  by: sour_craig   11/03/2010 05:42 PM     
You can think what you want. I don´t like any laws restricting personal freedoms. I was sexually active at 12, obviously its fairly common. Age of consent laws exist to reduce the birth rate and because older women didn´t want young girls stealing their husbands. Age of consent laws passed immediately after women got the right to vote, before that they did not exist. Prior there were only anti molestation laws, which dealt with prepubescent children. In most western European monarchies the traditional marrying age for females was between 12 and 14. In some places it still is. Even in the US we have a state with an age of consent of 14.

You are also confused about what a pedophile is, because it is a person who is attracted to prepubescent children which I can assure you that I am not. People who are attracted to high school aged girls are not pedophiles, and believe it or not your supposed to because they are in their prime child bearing age.

As for your other issue. I find homosexuality in general disgusting, however I do not believe I can tell others how to live their life. So while I would never be okay with it, I wouldn´t oppose it from a idealogical standpoint.

My grand mother was married at 14. Guess what? There was no age of consent law on the books back then. Only the last three generations or so of people have these artificial views pushed upon them from population reductionists. I understand the real reason behind this, and it disgusts me. Ten might be a little young, but obviously she was biologically able to conceive. To me any one who can do so biologically and has reached the age of accountability (The ability to reason between right and wrong) should be able engage in whatever relationships they want to. Every individual is different, and therefor no arbitrary number can be placed to restrict someones ability to engage in natural human behavior.

Your attack on me is also laughable, because I´m married and wouldn´t be involved with any other woman besides my wife anyways, even if there were no laws against dating high school aged girls.

[ edited by Tetsuru Uzuki ]
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     11/03/2010 05:47 PM     
"this is the kind of comment made by closet pedophiles."

That´s the kind of argument a closet pedophile would make.

/no points for you
  by: shatteredhand   11/03/2010 06:07 PM     
First off: it was mostly royalty that got married at 12 or 13 in the middle ages. They were married off to other royalty, to make alliances and bonds between various kingdoms. However, the marriage was only consummated when they were 18, or 19, much later than what is commonly assumed. However, this perception has of course skewed the debate, and public perception.

Furthermore, research has shown that marriage in olden time was more often done when people were in their twenties: research on ancient Egypt has shown that only half of the population was married when they were 24, and while there might´ve been people who got married earlier, those were exceptions rather than the rule. Furthermore, in pre-industrial ages, people got married at about 25, also the same.

Also, the youngest mother was a lady from Peru, Lina Medina, who got pregnant at 4, and gave birth at 5. And in her case it was indeed a hormonal imbalance.
  by: Zygo   11/03/2010 07:16 PM     
  @Tetsuru Uzuki  
You hit the nail on the head. If any of these other people did even a little research of there own they would see that you are correct. I have done a little research on this subject and yes most girls were married off by the age of 14, the boys were usually a little older. Sweet sixteen parties were originally a last ditch effort to marry off ones daughter. Just go to any cematary that has 200 year old headstones and read what they say and you will find alot of 12 to 14 year old wives who died during child birth.
  by: ArchAngelMichael777   11/03/2010 08:51 PM     
  List of youngest known birth mothers  
  by: jonsmith999   11/03/2010 09:07 PM     
  I smell.....  

  by: incubusphan   11/03/2010 10:26 PM     
a type of inner soul? And why do you prefer this brand?
  by: alisha rose     11/04/2010 08:28 AM     
LMAO hehehe that was funny, I like you man :-) .. anyhow, many different countries no one is talking about here that do this kinda shit today, practiced all the time and reason why you don´t hear alot of it, is because the majority of those nations don´t want to look bad and it´s all kinda kept out of the lime light because of politic agendas, we can´t have our nation embarrassed and the other says we can´t have our people cause problems for this other nation (our friend), so media is control in every aspect .. you´re a bunch of slaves, and what can you do about it? :-D

and yeah back in the day of salem witch trials women were married at age 14, but we have gotten smarter, we know whats healthy and not healthy .. ba´da´boo :)

[ edited by Key2000 ]
  by: Key2000     11/04/2010 08:52 AM     
"Just go to any cematary that has 200 year old headstones and read what they say and you will find alot of 12 to 14 year old wives who died during child birth."

Sounds like a good reason not to allow such young girls to procreate! They were probably more likely to die in childbirth than older girls due to their size and underdevelopment. Sure, when a girl starts her period she is physically able to concieve, but that doesn´t mean she is physically (or emotionally) ready to actually carry a child to full term and give birth to it. I started my period when I was 12, but I was still a child, not fully grown and not even finished puberty, I didn´t have breasts and my pelvis was very narrow. I may have been able to concieve at that point, but a full pregnancy and birth could have been very dangerous.
  by: TabbyCool     11/04/2010 02:25 PM     
Child birth complications grow with age. Women 12-18 have the lowest chance of death in child birth. The rates were just much, much higher for all ages when you go back more then eighty years or so. You are either misinformed, or struggling to find a way to justify your view, which is flawed.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     11/04/2010 03:53 PM     
  Though I will agree some on both sides...  
There is a historical precedent for child marriage and a cultural bias as well.

However there are reasons this is not acceptable in modern cultures at least on a wide spread basis.

We cannot base our opinions on other peoples or other times cultures and still retain the ability to pick and choose lest we be guilty of supporting only the facts we want to.

We could say that in other times it was legal to kill a man in the street for offending your sense of honor. That in some cultures you may be sentenced to death without trial on the word of one man.

These things do not support the position of being right or wrong, just factual and accurate.

You could even argue that from a biological perspective puberty means breeding age. It could just as easily be said that a stronger man is right because he has the power to enforce his will. Biology, Morals, and fundamental right and wrongs cannot be traded equally. There will never be an argument where opinion can debate fact or fact can debate opinion with any efficiency because of this.

What I have drawn from the entire conversation here is that fundamental right and wrong is a small factor to most people; it is personal view of matters and a wealth of supporting evidence to that personal view.

From a fundamental perspective and a biological one I would say that puberty = breading age, from a societal perspective though I believe we evolved past that and for good reason. It prevents exploitation on the same level that coercing sex from a mentally retarded individual can be considered rape as well.

Tetsuru does make a valid point that from the same biological perspective there is a point at which the form of the opposite sex becomes attractive to the average individual, some admit it some do not, I do not believe that makes either side inherently evil.

However another man’s belongings, wife, children may elicit the same desire to want something, acting upon those desires in defiance of established human rights is what makes it deviant.
  by: BiPolar-express   11/04/2010 04:51 PM     
You seem to be assessing this fairly well, but you´ve inserted bias into your assessment. This is what I resent with society, you use the term child marriages. This suggests there are children involved here.

A child is a boy or girl between birth and puberty. Nobody here was discussing child marriages, we´re been discussing biologically developed individuals, or adult humans, who are merely considered different then other adults based on social standards which are a fairly recent development. There are still people alive from a time when these standards did not exist.

Also you are inherently assuming that this is violating this girls rights. There is nothing here to suggest this wasn´t entirely consensual. In fact I would use the counter argument that any concept of an age of consent is a form of age discrimination violating the rights of the young.

Society is not protecting young people with age of consent laws, its violating their right for pursuit of happiness, and artificially lowering their ability to find a compatible mate by restricting their ability to interact on an adult level with the rest of society when they are in fact adults.

This is why I spent a good 10 years of my life being an anarchist. Things like age of consent are designed to oppress and control the young. This is why young adults have a disdain and dislike for overbearing parents and government. It is a direct cause of most of the degradation of modern society.

When young adults were treated as adults and allowed to marry, marriage rates were much higher, and divorce rates were low. Age of consent in my opinion directly had a negative effect on the concept of a home and a family. It basically made getting married to your first partner at a young age a taboo, leading young adults into life styles of multiple sexual partners rather then a marriage, as marriage was not an option for them during their prime reproductive years due to this societal change.

These laws and social views do not decrease sexual activity in young adults, if anything they increase the likely hood of risky behavior by eliminating the concept of a life long partner by creating the stigma of "Being too young" to engage in such activities.

Most societies had a form of a right of passage proving one is now an adult. Modern society thinks you can just put a number on it, and treat the best and the brightest the same as a mentally deficient person incapable of doing nothing other then drooling. Essentially legislating away the right to be a unique individual who can make their own choices. It makes me sad, and does not give me hope for the future of our society as a whole.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     11/04/2010 06:01 PM     
  Wow, just wow..  
OK those comments went right past intelligent discussion and right back into the creepy not child molester, not pedophile, but no place in society category.

I am going to have to file this one under the never try to teach a pig to sing headder...

...For it wastes time and annoys the pig.
  by: BiPolar-express   11/04/2010 08:57 PM     
  @ gryphon50a  
Tetsuru Uzuki: "You can think what you want. I don´t like any laws restricting personal freedoms."

Gryphon, HOW DARE YOU SIR... how dare you attempt to infringe upon Tetsuru´s constitutional right to bang nine year olds?
  by: spiggy   11/04/2010 10:30 PM     
That 9 year old would have better reading comprehension then you most likely.

But I commend you on your ability to take a quote out of context and apply a suggestive misleading line of thought.

You should work for fox news.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     11/04/2010 10:41 PM     
  @ Tetsuru Uzuki  
"That 9 year old would have better reading comprehension then you most likely."

You´re probably right, my Spanish isn´t very good.

I think the only other interaction I´ve had with you was when I made a bad joke relating to Glenn Beck and Mormonism, after which you accused me of being a bigot and confided that you were also in fact a Mormon. Braving risk of further inciting your wrath and accusations of bigotry, I can´t help but wonder if that may also have anything to do with your virulent and seemingly obsessive convictions on the subject of this thread.

I read (and believe it or not, actually comprehended) every word you wrote here, albeit with my jaw agape. Considering everything you said, (although I was being somewhat of a smart ass) I don´t feel that my previous comment was taken out of context much if at all. You´re argument seems to be that if a person is physically capable of reproduction (despite the fact that they may be nine years old) then they are mentally capable of consenting to let someone of any age mate with them, as it is there right as a human being.

I... I´m not even going to argue with you. I agree with BiPolar-express... It´s just pointless. I´m out. Cheers dude.

  by: spiggy   11/04/2010 11:34 PM     
  Obviously a very big issue for some of you...  
Someone even claimed in here that 12 year olds getting married only happened between royalty... Where the heck did you get that???

Prior to very recent U.S. History, a girl was considered a woman once she had her first menstrual cycle (at the onset of menarche.) Boys were typically considered men they began growing pubic hair.. Neither had ANYTHING to do with age until approximately the 1960´s. And this wasn´t just in the U.S. This was in almost all known cultures around the world prior to the mid 20th century.

Age of consent in several states is 14-15, NOW....

I´m not sure I´d call it population control so much as religious bigotry. (Most of the people I have met who have the most FIRM opinion on this are religious (typically Christian;) however, there is NOTHING in the Bible that specifies an age of consent.)

It does however say that two man shalt not lie together, ... so for those of you comparing this to old men sleeping with young boys, I say ... YOUR CRAZY!

I am also married, ... 13 years. To my highschool sweetheart. My preference against younger girls is this, ... I have zero interest in being with a woman who´s maturity level would be far behind mine. PERIOD! The opposite sex is hard enough to understand without the addition of completely different maturity levels.

REAL pedophiles will do ANYTHING to hide the fact that they are as such. It is NO suprise that a pedophile would instantly agree with "the majority" to hide their true intentions. It is also common for the majority of "non-thinkers" to follow whatever mindset they are told to. Especially by there parents... If it weren´t for recent law, I have no doubt whatsoever, that we wouldn´t even be having this discussion.

I also feel that sexual relationships should be based on love and trust. The idea of random older men marrying (or sleeping with) young girls they hardly know obviously disgusts me, but when it comes to two people who truely love each other, age should have no bearing.

As a society, many of our laws regarding age are quite counter-productive.. We are forcing people who may be smart and mature enough to join civilization as an adult, ... to endure additional years under the care of what would now be their peers. (Their parents.) We could also benefit by advancing our schooling system so that high school finishes 2-4 years earlier. Finishing college at 18-20 years old would add additional years to your work history at a time when any savings you create for retirement would STRONGLY benefit you at retirement age.. (But this would obviously require that we actually teach our kids about responsibility, and be responsible mentors for them... Another thing our society LACKS!!)
  by: jeffillinois   11/05/2010 03:33 PM     
  by: MannyisHere     11/05/2010 03:42 PM     
LMAO... eh, we´re not falling for that one again.
  by: spiggy   11/05/2010 08:10 PM     
The character Juliette in Romeo and Juliette is 13. At the time the play was written, women typically were married and began producing children by age 11.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     11/05/2010 08:35 PM     
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