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                 08/29/2014 10:20 PM  
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11/05/2010 11:21 AM ID: 86182 Permalink   

Researchers Use Electrical Brain Stimulation to Improve Math Skills


A study, conducted by researchers from several British universities, found that mathematical performance can be improved by the brain´s stimulation with electrical current. The effect lasts up to 6 months.

This "treatment" can be used after strokes or with diseases which lower the numeric abilities.

The findings were published online in Current Biology.

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"current" pun intended? hehe
  by: theavenger8     11/05/2010 05:35 PM     
  decent story...  
awesome pun.
  by: koenig32   11/05/2010 08:03 PM     

Researchers Use math skill´s to improve brain stimulation!!!
  by: incubusphan   11/05/2010 09:40 PM     
Can this be done with a 9 volt by placing it on my tongue?
  by: MannyisHere     11/06/2010 02:51 PM     
  yes manny  

yes it can, don´t stop doing it till you breath calculus and spit geometry!
  by: incubusphan   11/06/2010 06:51 PM     
  @\ incubusphan  

Its working...


  by: MannyisHere     11/07/2010 07:18 PM     
"What is two plus twelve"
Subject: Seven
Subject: Fourteen.
  by: Burnfactor77   11/08/2010 03:21 AM     
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