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                 07/04/2015 07:01 PM  
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11/15/2010 08:44 PM ID: 86341 Permalink   

Bill Clinton to Appear in Hangover Sequel


Former US President Bill Clinton joins the "Hangover 2" cast, a source close to the politician told

Clinton will make a guest appearance and filmed his spot last weekend. According to reports, he will play himself.

The movie also stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha.

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  I Hope That They...  
Put a "Monica Lewinsky" cigar in his mouth. Now that would be a sequel!
  by: bbymkr29   11/15/2010 08:56 PM     
  Go Willy!!!  
Say what you will, I like the guy. Budget surplus... sounds like a fairy-tale now, doesn´t it?
  by: spiggy   11/15/2010 10:59 PM     
What does surplus mean? Wait, are you saying theres a concept other then deficit?!?!
  by: joshjje   11/15/2010 11:28 PM     
  Oh man thats awsome  
they just filmed his scene last weekend? he was just in my town a few weeks ago. man that guy really gets around.
  by: Devil Duck     11/16/2010 12:46 AM     
or sobor?
  by: shannon853   11/16/2010 12:56 AM     
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