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                 02/20/2018 06:31 PM  
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12/05/2010 01:26 AM ID: 86664 Permalink   

Climate Changes by 2030 Will Cause a Million Deaths Yearly


In recent UN talks, information was presented stating that by 2030, the climate will change by up to 1.4 degrees and will cause an estimated one million deaths per year and at least $15 billion in economic damage as well.

The report warned, "in less than 20 years, almost all countries in the world will realize high vulnerability to climate impact as the planet heats up." Of the 184 nations, the hardest hit will be the 54 poorest nations, including India.

The four areas in which these countries will be affected: economic stress, health, loss of habitat by desertification and rising seas, and weather disasters. "Without corrective actions (the world is) headed for nearly one million deaths every single year by 2030," stated the study.

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  in before  
climate change is nonsense
  by: syoware   12/05/2010 01:43 AM     
  Someone else has said this already...  
we were going to have cars that could fly by the year 2000. As far as i know we are still using roads.
  by: captainJane     12/05/2010 02:35 AM     
  Pretty sure  
There are more than a million deaths yearly as it stands.
  by: N3T_K1LLA     12/05/2010 02:37 AM     
  About time  
The herd needs a good thinning.
  by: ReasonableAtheist   12/05/2010 03:25 AM     
being 62,been around the world 4 times,seen/done things people only dream about,have no clue,the planet is changeing for the worst,we are killing our planet,it´s the only planet we have.
  by: diehard   12/05/2010 05:23 AM     
  Probably more than that  
as people fight over resources...

syoware "in before" Stfu
  by: Mannyishere     12/05/2010 05:40 AM     
in the 1920´s the temp was in the 70´s in winter and we are killing it now?
  by: groomsy     12/05/2010 07:17 AM     
think i´m in a good position in Europe.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     12/05/2010 05:03 PM     
all the people with their heads stuck in the sand (asses) will die first.
  by: lurker     12/05/2010 07:31 PM     
Educate yourself!!!
what does the air temperature over one area have to do with the average global ocean temperature? Do you even know how the global temperature is measured. Obviously Not as it is not a measure of Air temperature. Especially not over land than only makes up 1/3 of the surface. Maybe the fact that oceans cover 2/3 of the world means that their temperature means more than what it is in your backyard.
Your Objections to Climate change are based on your own astounding ignorance on the subject, if you want to make a meaningful contribution at least learn what the hell we´re talking about, because you comment (which I´d like to see number for) doesn´t even relate expect for the fact that it is some ways involves temperature.
  by: veya_victaous     12/05/2010 10:35 PM     
the earth´s temperature goes through cycles. I highly doubt humans have anything to do with the temperature rising.
  by: EricS     12/06/2010 03:21 AM     
  Catching a cold...  
** cough cough*BULLSH!T**cough cough**
  by: moxpearl   12/06/2010 04:02 PM     
*sigh* What happened to 2050? And why isn´t there a mention of some crisis that the governments needs to attend to in the form of raising taxes on us because we use energy but only to raise them in the form of research and development of green technology we will never see of or hear of?

Electric cars... green? Ha!
  by: nimira     12/06/2010 06:52 PM     
  I wonder.  
Does anyone actually believe these lies anymore.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     12/06/2010 07:57 PM     
You are wasting your breath. This site is full of climate change naysayers who won´t believe any evidence presented to them. The earth was given to them by a ´god´ to rape and pillage at will with no consequences. Their unseen being will protect them and the earth, so they fiddle while having their heads buried. Ignorance is always bliss.
  by: lurker     12/06/2010 08:56 PM     
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