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                 04/24/2014 04:21 PM  
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12/06/2010 03:04 AM ID: 86688 Permalink   

Imam Offers Half a Million Rupees for Killing Asia Bibi, Convicted Blasphemer


In the ongoing saga of Asia Bibi, a hard line cleric has promised his mosque will pay for the murder of the Christian woman convicted of taking Muhammad´s name in vain.
The Pakistani president has promised her an apology.

A Peshawar Imam, Maulana Yousef Qureshi, has offered 500,000 rupees ($5,853) to the killer of Asia Bibi and said: "We will strongly resist any attempt to repeal laws which provide protection to the sanctity of Holy Prophet Muhammad."

The notorious Pakistani blasphemy law has long been used to settle personal scores and to persecute non-Muslims.

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Muhammad would be ashamed to be related to you people.
  by: LykosSN4   12/06/2010 03:51 PM     
  Church & State  
This is one of the reasons religion and law or government must remain separated. Unfortunately you still have hardliners and fundamentalists that have no hope of ever changing.

Real change from these medieval belief systems can only occur if new generations of children are allowed to question these beliefs.

But with laws like this blasphemy law in Pakistan there is basically no hope.

I would suggest to non-islamic people living in Pakistan perhaps you should move to a country that doesn´t have laws based on religious beliefs.

I suggest the only way to get the attention of those running these governments is to boycott all products and tourism from and with countries that have draconian laws based on a religion. It wont change anything but at least it would send a message from the civilized world that your law and government is unfair to the people who believe differently.
  by: solo4078   12/06/2010 08:42 PM     
You must be mixing religions. Actually the mawlana is following the examples set by mehamad in how to deal with critics. Most of the assasinations ordered by mehamad were against poets, couple against dancers and one against one of his own writers/scripts. Mehamad would state a line as it was told to him by allah. The script would then recommend some improvement to the actualy text, and mehamad would agree to the correction. This is how the scribe realized mehamad was just either making the words up, or trying to translate from other sources.

He also called for capital punishment by torture for a bunch of guys who killed his camels, and 6-10 stonings for adultery. Allahu Akbar Lykos and have a nice day.

  by: kmazzawi     12/06/2010 08:50 PM     
A high ranking religious leader has to pay it´s community to uphold his/her ideas of religious law, doesn´t that inherintly imply that very religious leader is a fraud?
  by: Allanthar     12/06/2010 08:56 PM     
The religious hardliners & fundamentalists are not much different from the political hardliners & fundamentalists.
  by: ArchAngelMichael777   12/06/2010 08:59 PM     
  @ ArchAngelMichael777  
  by: captainJane     12/06/2010 09:04 PM     
  I believe ...  
some people only live on this planet to maim and kill! The sick joke is innocent people get it double from them and from people that try to hunt them down.
  by: captainJane     12/06/2010 09:09 PM     
Id be willing to kill Maulana Yousef Qureshi for half that.
  by: monstrddg   12/07/2010 03:09 AM     
  Bribery & Murder  
Real progressive country you have Pakistan. Must be nice, comfy, warm, safe and sound stuck back there in the DARK AGES!!

  by: spacechimp     12/08/2010 03:04 PM     
It would be nice to be back it the dark ages. Then there would not be all these bombings and all the is going on there now. Yes they would have had tribal killings but that would be all. Now they have it form all sides of the planet!
  by: captainJane     12/08/2010 04:10 PM     
Cmon, you´re genuinely not condoning putting a price on someone’s head for "Blaspheming" are you? Don´t worry, I know you´re not :) It has been proven time and time again Religion stunts the development of society. Galileo was found "vehemently suspect of heresy" and spent most of his senior years under house arrest. He´s since been proven "more correct" than the bible when he said the Earth wasn´t the center of the universe. At the time he thought it was the Sun, but it´s a step forward and history has ended up labeling him the "father of modern day science". My point is 400 years ago (ok not necessarily the "Dark Ages" as the 1600s were well into the Renaissance) religion was still holding Science back because the act of learning was opening up inconvenient truths for the Religious Powers. Now lets fast forward 400 years and quote Winston Churchill (who in turn was paraphrasing George Santayana) by saying "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it". My point is, Christians who didn´t know better should be outshined in this day and age by those who should. This Iman embodies everything that is wrong with Religion. I’m not saying Science is right, I’m not saying Religion is wrong… The brutal truth is we don’t know. But at least Science can change in the face of evidence whereas religion tends to shout down anything it thinks it can discredit and attribute to magic anything it doesn’t quite understand. In closing, I’m not arguing with you I hope you know this, all those problems you mentioned are indicative of us/them/everyone who should know better. We’ve no excuses <:)

[ edited by spacechimp ]
  by: spacechimp     12/08/2010 04:52 PM     
For some reason the above post has lost it´s formatting. I edited it to correct a spelling mistake. Please try to forgive the single block of text
  by: spacechimp     12/08/2010 04:56 PM     
  This was deleted.  

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     12/08/2010 05:48 PM     
  @ Slave. :)  
Religion should be a personal thing. I won´t go to church because I honestly think the people within the churches are either not genuine or badly confused. In saying all this, we only have to look at our church leaders and the junk that they openly preach. We have all gone backwards here, in my old church we had the most intelligent of people attend and a great pastor who had answers for most things in life, or spiritually. He was one of the kindest human beings I ever met.

"Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it".
This is something I absolutely believe in! It is a shame our leaders don´t learn a little more about the history of politics and war before being sworn in.

As for scientists they contradict their-selves repeatedly I wish they would complete a full research about any given study before announcing their theories to the world confusing us all.

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     12/08/2010 05:49 PM     
  wow, half a million.  
thats a bunch, but it would only take a quater to take out the imam..
  by: shannon853   12/08/2010 11:36 PM     
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