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                 01/24/2018 08:23 AM  
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01/04/2011 09:57 PM ID: 87230 Permalink   

10 Newcomers in the Car Industry


10 new car companies are set to hit the road. The source compiled them in a list.

Coda Automative from California will launch an electric car. The Atlanta-based company Wheego Electic Cars offers an electric car that looks like the Smart.

Think, a Norwegian company, delivers its cars to government fleets and Fisker Automotive reportedly has 3,000 pre-orders for its vehicles. These are only some of the new car companies of the future.

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Wouldn´t be too surprised to see these startups going the way of the Tucker.
  by: smarta$$     01/06/2011 02:39 AM     
we dont need more smart-like cars. we need sedans and suvs that can get 60+ mpg
  by: syoware   01/06/2011 03:08 AM     
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