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                 04/24/2014 06:29 PM  
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01/12/2011 08:07 PM ID: 87404 Permalink   

Candy Eggs Refused At Border


Toy-filled chocolate eggs are not welcome in the U.S.A. That is what a Winnipeg woman found out when she tried to cross the border with her Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.

Facing a $300 fine, she parted with the offensive egg to the border guards upon their demand. If she decides to fight the seizure in court, she must pay a $250 storage fee for the egg.

The popular treat is considered illegal contraband in the U.S. because of a small toy contained within it that may pose a choking hazard for small children. So far, more than 25,000 eggs have been seized in 2000 incidents.

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That´s why I can´t get these candies any more! Damnit USA, I´m sick of all these dumb little laws. How about you let me decide what candies I can and can´t have! If I (or my kids) choke it´s my fault, and the government should not have any say in it!
  by: ComputerJunkie   01/12/2011 08:48 PM     
  ...common sense is dead in the USA  
... and remember that all small objects are banned there too. LOL
  by: exanime   01/12/2011 08:49 PM     
Last time I came back from Canada I bought an entire box of these at a convenience store near the border. Kinder Surprise FTW!
  by: caution2     01/12/2011 09:04 PM     
  In just doing the math..  
That is 12.5 eggs per incident..
How does that work out?! Was it someone who came through with over 1000 eggs all at once? Or are people really trying to smuggle these eggs through, like they have a higher street price like drugs??
And I bet those Canadian border guards just LOVE these eggs too, right??
  by: Allanthar     01/12/2011 09:09 PM     
  This is the problem with the US court system  
Because you are allowed to sue anyone for practically anything, lawsuits claiming people are getting oh-so-hurt from things that they should be aware of a potential "danger"

Thats why they have "Caution: Not a toy" on plastic bags. Thats why the label on your coffee lid says "Caution:Hot"
Its not to save lives, it´s to avoid litigation.

The fact is the US needs to pass "Dumbass" legislation. (Or it would be called Common Sense, but I prefer Dumbass). This is legislation that would protect companies and individuals from suing them because of a persons own idiocy. Such as: A burgler breaking his leg on your stairs while he was robbing you. A person who breaks a tooth while crunching rock candy and sues the manf. etc.

If only this kind of legislation would pass.
  by: gbestwick   01/12/2011 09:46 PM     
if you search hard enough, you can find these in places like chinatown and various mexican outlet stores. Somehow they got them in, hehe.
  by: theavenger8     01/12/2011 09:46 PM     
  For some reason  
i want one now.

US of A lol..

well any way, when I was a kid I choked on a ice cube if thats any condolence.
  by: MannyisHere     01/13/2011 12:16 AM     
  I love these...  
I´m still a kid at heart and remember them well from my childhood. I loved Kinder Surprise so much. I get them once in a while from Phoenicia which is a local Mediterranean supermarket, it´s huge and has basically everything u miss from Europe or the Mediterranean.
  by: d-man   01/13/2011 12:34 AM     
  All those guns  
But kinder surprise are illegal because they´re too dangerous? Uh huh.

Speaking of which, I´m gonna go get one right now... a kinder surprise, that is.
  by: iwantanoctopus   01/13/2011 04:04 AM     
  jesus christ  
i have never heard of these eggs, searched on google. found this youtube video:

for the love of all that is holy in this world, keep those eggs banned!
  by: thefinalwave   01/13/2011 05:41 AM     
  Oh yeahhhh  
Eating one now. Hmm let´s see what the toy is...

Some sort of little dinosaur thing with an alarm clock? Damn this IS dangerous!
  by: iwantanoctopus   01/13/2011 06:01 AM     
looks like Kinder Surprise is more dangerous than any gun.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     01/13/2011 12:30 PM     
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