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                 01/23/2018 11:10 AM  
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01/16/2011 06:16 AM ID: 87470 Permalink   

A Wonderful Comeback by the Steelers


Divisional round playoff weekend started today and the first game of the day saw the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 31-24 in Pittsburgh. The Steelers will play the Patriots-Jets winner on January 23rd.

Mendenhall got 2 touchdowns, Miller and Ward got a touchdown each and Suisham got a field-goal for the Steelers, while Rice, Redding and Heap got a touchdown each and Cundiff got a field-goal for the Ravens.

Last season, the Ravens finished with a 9-7 record and second in the AFC North behind Cincinnati but ahead of Pittsburgh and Cleveland. They lost in the Divisional Round to the Indianapolis Colts.

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  I can´t believe this sh!t  
The ravs had my bet all the way on this one! I´m seriously shocked. I didn´t thing Ben and the boys were going to pull it out. So, Rapelesberger and the Stealers progress. Bastards.
  by: zirschky     01/16/2011 08:39 AM     
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