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                 01/17/2018 09:06 PM  
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01/18/2011 02:32 PM ID: 87506 Permalink   

Facebook IPO Will Not Be Offered to US Investors, Foreign Investors Only


Caused by SEC investigations, Goldman Sachs has limited its Facebook IPO offer to only foreign clients. SEC is investigating if reporting the IPO to the media was a violation of the ban on Promoting such offerings.

Fearing a repeat of the $550 million settlement resulting from an ealier SEC probe of Goldman Sachs practices, the investment bank decided to take the offering outside of SEC domain and not sell the IPO domestically.

Anything to do with Facebook is covered intensely by the media and it would be next to impossible for the IPO to not receive media coverage. Not selling Facebook to American clients is an unfortunate side effect of SEC vigilance.

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  Read this the other day  
and my heart sank.

I don´t quite understand this decision.
GM announced its IPO well before it actually became an offering.

Those looking to triple their money in a short period will now have to employ a broker outside the US.
  by: CArnold     01/18/2011 02:42 PM     
  Makes no sense  
IPOs of this nature are always widely publicized. This reeks of Goldman Sachs petulance.
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/18/2011 03:50 PM     
  wow thats bullshit  
I would´ve easily invested a few thousand.

way to help create wealth...
  by: syoware   01/18/2011 04:45 PM     
  If lost 550  
you may not see me either.
  by: MannyisHere     01/18/2011 06:59 PM     
  Doesn´t matter  
All IPO´s are bought up instantly anyway and most knowledgeable wall street sharks have a means to buy stock with off shore accounts.
  by: DRK   01/18/2011 09:18 PM     
  goldman vastly overvalued facebook  
you know those geniuses at goldman sachs have a lot in plan for this, far more than any of us mere mortals can fathom
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   01/19/2011 09:06 AM     
Nice short term investment, but I shudder to think what sort of soul-crushing financial losses some people are going to endure when the magical imaginary monetary value train crashes on things like Facebook.
  by: velger   01/19/2011 11:19 AM     
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