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                 01/18/2018 08:27 PM  
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02/01/2011 12:09 AM ID: 87745 Permalink   

Federal Judge Declares Obama Healthcare Reform Unconstitutional


U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, has ruled that an individual mandate to purchase health care is unconstitutional.

Judge Vinson gave a statement condemning congress, and stating that they are required to operate within the bounds of the constitution.

This ruling goes even further then previous rulings against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act declaring the whole law invalid as opposed to just the clause mandating individuals to purchase healthcare.

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  You know...  
I agree with that judgment: it should be illegal to mandate the purchase of insurance. That´s the whole problem with what he originally said and what the congress passed.

Originally it was supposed to be a choice (public along with private). That´s perfect. Then, after all the huffing and puffing from the nay sayers: we get mandated healthcare which then forces people to get either private or public insurance. Now after the public is going to be taken out, we´ll have mandated private. That portion doesn´t seem to bother the nay sayers.

Now why is public insurance so bad as a choice? It works for public servants. They don´t complain about it. In fact, we all envy them cause they´re always covered. I want that choice too. I want to be able to get the insurance the GOP gets. Someone tell me: WHY NOT? If it was so bad, why do they have it?

Call me a communist if i want what the GOP has, but i think if they can use my tax dollars for a good policy for themselves, i want to have the choice to get it too.
  by: mexicanrevolution   02/01/2011 12:57 AM     
  We mandate insurance all the time  
Car insurance, for example. If you´re going to drive, you have to have car insurance so that you don´t end up costing someone else a fortune.

If you´re going to live, you need to have health insurance ... so you don´t end up costing someone else a fortune. Same concept.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/01/2011 02:07 AM     
If your not a gay homosexual, and are healthy, you don´t need medical insurance.

They also bill you if your an American, so only illegal pieces of trash cost anyone any money by their theft of services.
  by: EPICREPORTER   02/01/2011 02:10 AM     
the main reason as a young man I consider getting private health insurance is so that if I get a My Girlfriend Pregnant all the costs are covered and 1st class care for her and baby, If I was Gay I wouldn´t have that concern so I wouldn´t need additional cover. (I live in a civilised country where everyone get decent enough public cover)
  by: veya_victaous     02/01/2011 02:32 AM     
  I don´t understand this portion of the bill  
But from what I read there is a fine.

My question is how is it different say if you don´t have insurance, and enter for some medical service? I mean I don´t know.

Is there a fine now I guess I´m asking if you don´t have coverage and you seek services?
  by: MannyisHere     02/01/2011 03:46 AM     
If you´re not a gay homosexual ... then what kind of homosexual are you? : )
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/01/2011 04:32 AM     
  @ ben  
how would you end up costing someone else a fortune by living i can see the mandated car insurance that makes sense. if you don´t want to pay car insurance don´t drive simple. but to mandate everyone who is alive to pay for health insurance is absolutely retarded. what if i give someone a cold that´s my fault how would they know? i could see if you gave someone aids or something that makes sense, but to make everyone pay for insurance makes no sense what so ever. this health care act is just moronic drivel just another way for the broken ass system to squeeze some more money out of us peasants.
  by: Devil Duck     02/01/2011 04:40 AM     
  @Epic, Devil Duck  
If you got hit by a car while crossing the street, and you didn´t have health insurance, someone would likely still call 911. An ambulance would come and pick up up and doctors would try to save your life.

It wouldn´t matter how healthy you were before you got hit by the car.

If you didn´t have health insurance or any other way to cover your expenses, the hospital would have to eat the cost of making you well again. Of course, hospitals don´t actually do that, or they would go out of business.

Instead, they make everything cost more for the people who can pay. Thus everyone else ends up paying a fortune because you weren´t insured.

So yeah, it´s perfectly reasonable to require people to carry health insurance. It keeps costs down for everyone.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/01/2011 05:42 AM     
EPICREPORTER wrote: "If your [sic] not a gay homosexual, and are healthy, you don´t need medical insurance."

"A Gay Homosexual" = STRAIGHT.

So, as per EPICREPORTER: "If your Not Straight, [in other words, if you ARE Gay] and are healthy, you don´t need medical insurance."

EPICREPORTER implies he Doesn´t need medical insurance.

Therefore: EPICREPORTER = GAY. (?)

(not that there´s anything *wrong* with that -Jerry Seinfeld.)

But brave of you to come out like that, on a comment board. Good for you.

What does it say in the Text on the picture of your icon there, EPICREPORTER?

  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   02/01/2011 06:14 AM     
"A Gay Homosexual" = STRAIGHT."

Excuse me? Uh... no. "gay homosexual" is just redundant(and a stupid thing to say). If I say you´re a Nigerian African, that doesn´t make you white.
  by: zyste     02/01/2011 06:25 AM     
  Looks Like This Is Headed to The Supreme Court  
With the ruling by this Reagan appointed judge against the Health Care Plan and two previous federal judge rulings in favor of the plan it will end up in front of the Supreme Court.
Any ruling against the Health Care Plan by the Supreme Court will overturn hundreds of years worth of federal laws and previous Supreme Court rulings. I would be interested on seeing how the Supreme Court could narrow down a decision so that it would effect only the Health Care Plan without destroying the previous rulings concerning the "Commerce Clause" of the Constitution. The Commerce Clause allowed everything from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Roosevelt "New Deal".

What a interesting can of worms that would open.

[ edited by ichi ]
  by: ichi     02/01/2011 06:34 AM     
  Gay Homosexual  
Sad Homosexual

Melancholy Homosexual

Debonair Homosexual

Frumpy Homosexual

Intellectual Homosexual

Uneducated Homosexual

Outed Homosexual

Closeted Homosexual

It is so hard to tell just what kind we are isn´t it EPICREPORTER?
  by: ichi     02/01/2011 06:42 AM     
  TU I Rated Your Story Very Good  
Not because of any political bend or personal prejudice. I thought it had value.
  by: ichi     02/01/2011 06:47 AM     
  Conservative Judge Declares Logic Unconstitutional  

ZYSTE wrote: "Uh... no. "gay homosexual" is just redundant(and a stupid thing to say). If I say you´re a Nigerian African, that doesn´t make you white."

-Oh, I see! So what you´re saying, zyste, is that just like Nigerian is a sub-set of being African, gay is just a subset of being homosexual, so what you´re saying is that there could be all kinds of gays, including ones that aren´t even homosexual. Got it!

ZYSTE wrote: "If I say you´re a Nigerian African, that doesn´t make you white."

Wow. So if a white couple who are living in Nigeria, gives birth to a naturalized Nigerian baby, born while they are in Africa, according to your reasoning, their baby will come out Black! -That´s amazing!

Zyste wrote: "Uh... no. "gay homosexual" is just redundant(and a stupid thing to say)."

-I see. So you´re just calling EPIRCREPORTER stupid then. I see.

Thanks for clearing that up.
  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   02/01/2011 07:07 AM     
Debating over gay homosexual is kinda queer, only in a metrosexual way tho
  by: t-bagger   02/01/2011 08:07 AM     
  Forced Insurance  
The best way to do this, is to do what all the other industrialized countries are doing, particularly the ones that offer a higher standard of living than America offers to Americans, which presently is most western countries:

Do no charge insurance. Just insure everyone. Find a baseline, let´s say $3000 per person per year, and just insure everyone, take it later from their taxes. Any who requires additional insurance they can fork it.

I know it hurts when I state that most industrial countries offer a better standard of living than America. It burns a little but at least you are not the USSR or South Africa and you can mostly move up from here on.
  by: kmazzawi     02/01/2011 07:22 PM     
  @ ben  
that´s idiotic first off if your not gonna choose to purchase insurance than you already know the consequences. that´s your choice. and secondly if you walk into oncoming traffic than your a moron. don´t you left wingers believe in darwinism anyways survival of the fittest? people who walk out into a road while not looking both ways sounds like a weak link to me. why would you want to shove your ideologically down others throats? people should have the right to choose what they want to do with their life and whether or not they want to insure it. thanks for proving once again your single minded party.
  by: Devil Duck     02/01/2011 08:22 PM     
  @Devil Duck  
Getting hit by a car was just one example I could have used. Right now there are a lot of people falling on ice in the U.S.

Being human means you´re going to get sick and you´re going to get hurt. You can´t escape unscathed. So if you don´t provide for your own medical care, you foist the burden onto everyone else in the form of higher hospital charges.

It´s not a selfish ideology at all -- what´s selfish is racking up thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and not paying. Don´t you conservatives believe in paying for what you get?

It just makes sense -- sense that apparently eludes you.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/01/2011 08:32 PM     
  Conservatives Against the Founding Fathers  
Aside from that, I just want to know:




What has made Tetsu and DevilDuck so fiercely against Conservative principles and against the American Founding Fathers? That´s what I really want to know.
  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   02/01/2011 11:24 PM     
I´m not against the founding fathers. I started a Tea Party organization when they were originally political groups on several years ago. I now distance myself from the group because well... Sarah Palin, enough said.

I am also a member of we are change, and an outspoken libertarian. This is my pen name. I can assure you that I have always idolized the founding fathers and their ideals.

I´m in favor of this court decision. Healthcare reform needs to come in the form of salary and profit per patient caps for doctors and facilities and massive reduction in fees chargeable. A hospital room doesn´t cost 12,000$ a night, and a doctor doesn´t deserve to make $500 an hour for office visits. Fee caps need to be imposed.

[ edited by Tetsuru Uzuki ]
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/01/2011 11:40 PM     
  Car Insurance vs Health Insurance  
Is just a really bad comparison .. Like devil duck stated.. don´t drive... One of the biggest problems with the cost of health care IMO is how sue happy Americans are.. making the cost to operate much higher than they really should be.

It´s pretty simple.. the government has no right to force you to purchase something... or fine you if you don´t.

If you need medical assistance and have no insurance than you will have to pay it back.. I know I have received a bill from a hospital many of times. Get rid of the inflated costs of health care by getting rid of all the insane law suits. Accidents happen, doctors are there to help, people die sometimes... or something gets left inside you... doesn´t mean you deserve to get rich off it...

Today you sometimes have to ask yourself if you should even get involved or try to help out in an accident for fear of being sued...and that is not the American way..

I´m aware of the good samaritan laws..
  by: NiNETY   02/02/2011 12:08 AM     
  I have to agree with the Judge...  
As much as I am for Health Care for all, forcing people to buy any product is Unconstitutional. If they don´t or can´t buy, fining them and possibly jailing them if they can´t pay is tantamount to debtors prison. This is Unconstitutional. I say strike the mandatory purchasing and keep the rest. And while you are making the changes add a public option.

Car insurance is a lousy comparison. Many people living in cities never drive a car, don´t own a car and don´t need car insurance. It is not mandatory to have car insurance. If you are alive this bill forces you to purchase a product.

[ edited by Valkyrie123 ]
  by: Valkyrie123     02/02/2011 12:21 AM     
  Do You Believe  
Health care is a just a privilege and should be only for those that can afford it?
  by: ichi     02/02/2011 12:44 AM     
  TETSURU UZUKI is Against the Founding Fathers  
NEWS: "Founding Fathers of U.S. Enacted Gov´t Run Healthcare, Requirement to Buy Health Insurance - in 1798!"

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America invoked and advocated paid mandatory healthcare.

Those that helped draft the U.S. Constitution, including JOHN ADAMS, approved, voted FOR and SIGNED into Law Government-run healthcare which mandated purchase of health insurance, in 1798.

"The law created a socialized medical care system and demonstrated that citizens could be legally required to pay for health insurance."

TETSURU UZUKI has now come out AGAINST the Founding Fathers against the framers of the constitution of the United States.

Thank you for your statement admitting that you are for a ruling by an activist Judge and against the Founders of the Constitution, now at least everyone knows where you stand.

  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   02/02/2011 01:16 AM     
That was mandated for mariners.. not the entire nation.
  by: NiNETY   02/02/2011 01:40 AM     
Quote:Car insurance, for example. If you´re going to drive, you have to have car insurance so that you don´t end up costing someone else a fortune.

You really should learn to compare apples to apples. If you can´t figure out the difference then you truly are as dumb as a box of rocks.

  by: hellblazer     02/02/2011 04:16 AM     
  @ ben  
okay so if you walk down the side walk and slip because someone didn´t shovel than you have the right to sue them for their inconsiderate laziness. (that´s how it is where i live it may differ in your area idk.) use any example you want they can all be countered because you just simply don´t get it. and for one i´ve been fine with not having insurance for the past 5 years if i have a problem i pay for it. the problem isn´t with the insurance the problem is with people who lack integrity to pay their bills. and i´m sure that´s a new word for you so you should look it up on your liberal fact before you want to spew some more pointless non sense out of your mouth. you seem to miss the point on every instance how is forcing people to pay for insurance going to help anything!? the people who don´t pay their medical bills would simply just not pay their insurance than what? we fine them? we send em to jail? how is that taking a step forward in the right direction? i don´t see anything wrong with allowing people to have cheaper insurance through the government but mandating it is just stupid. this is why the country is doomed to failure very very soon if we re-elect obama (who personally has my vote again for the next election but that´s because i want to see a complete dismantling of the massively flawed federal government) he can´t resolve the real problems at hand ie the economy so he makes up new garbage to maybe sway some of the pressure in other directions. maybe if he fixed the economy we wouldn´t even have to deal with issues like this maybe if people had more money they could afford to get health insurance?

and i am far from a conservative you can take that and flush it parties are poison something people join because they can´t think for themselves
  by: Devil Duck     02/02/2011 04:46 AM     
NiNETY NiNETY wrote: "That was mandated for mariners." - YES. Exactly. Thank you for CONFIRMING that the Founding Fathers approved, implemented, and enacted HealthCare which included a Mandate.

The fact that Mandated Health Care was approved by the Founding Fathers of the U.S. Constitution is now confirmed. Thanks.
  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   02/02/2011 11:51 PM     
  DEVILDUCK is Against the US & Founding Fathers  
DEVILDUCK has just called the Founding Fathers stupid.

American Founding father John Adams, and signatories of the Constitution voted for, and implemented mandated health care.

DEVIL DUCK is now on permanent record against the Founding Fathers of the United States, stating: "mandating it is just stupid."

DevilDuck has just posted material Against the proud nation of the United States of America.

DEVILDUCK wrote: "i want to see a complete dismantling of the massively flawed federal government"

Devilduck has just cheered for the dismantling and overthrow of the government of the United States of America. This is Anarchist. DevilDuck has just admitted to being a Subversive against the United States of America.

(And by the way, too late, you can´t walk it back or try to adjust it, deny it, or cover it up.)

DevilDuck has now admitted that he is against John Adams, against the Framers of the Constitution, against the HealthCare mandated by the Founding Fathers which means American lives will be lost, DevilDuck is on record against Conservatives, and he wants to see the government of the United States of America, which is of by and for the people toppled and dismantled, and he just called the Founding Fathers "stupid".

Watch for Any person posting against the United States Healthcare Reform Bill like this, because as is now confirmed, any person caught going against HealthCare coverage for all US Citizens including the mandate, is on record as being against the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   02/03/2011 12:31 AM     
It wasn´t a mandate. It allowed ship captains to insure its crew and take the payment out of their checks. As it was optional for the captain to do this, it wasn´t a mandate. It legalized a practice to write this into employee´s contracts.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/04/2011 06:55 PM     
really? i mean really? wow... your probably the biggest dumb ass i´ve ever seen on this site!

the founding fathers were against a strong federal government that´s why the states are suppose to have a majority of the power. do they? no they don´t. and at least they could admit their mistakes instead of just taping up the holes

california legalizes medical marijuana. the feds come by and say no this is still illegal in our perspective.
obama thankfully tightened up on these ass clowns and now there´s less raids than there was a few years ago. do you know how many of the taxpayer´s dollars get´s wasted on this nonsense!

this is one of hundreds of reasons the federal government needs to be put in check (6ft under) why else would the founding fathers give us the right to bare arms? for fun? it´s to keep the federal government in check if it ever get´s outta line.

we could set up smaller provisional governments that actually know what their citizens common beliefs are, this way the us is a collection of diverse territories instead of one massive collection with one entity spending our tax money on crap were completely against.

this way you could have your mandated health care and i can have my right to choose.

and before you say something stupid like wouldn´t texas invade illinois over bullshit? we could still have a national military with no super massive centralized government to control it. who the hell ever said it was our job to run all over the globe kicking other peoples asses in the first place? given there´s all ways the occasional asshole who needs to go down. hitler, stalin, hussein, chairman mao, chiang kai shek, jong il, pot pot, milosevic, bin laden, bush.

but let the world band together for those jerk wads. right now isn´t the time to worry about anyone else but ourselves. call it selfish or what have you. but take a look around. america is in the beginning stages of becoming the new third world.
  by: Devil Duck     02/06/2011 06:09 AM     
  Devil Duck  
Your Argument was decided by the Civil War. It lost.

Using the second amendment to justify armed insurrection is a fools move.

The prisons and the grave yards are full of those that tried.

If you should decide to use your forefather given second amendment right to take up arms against the government I will be reading about your obituary or trial. I recently toured Central America and the common theme of third world countries are that the upper classes haveg accumulated over 95% o the wealth destroying the middle class. That is happening here as the laws become more and more favorable to the wealthy. We have the best laws that money can buy. With the Supreme Court Decision that allowed uncontrolled political contributions that situation just got immeasurably worse.

[ edited by ichi ]
  by: ichi     02/06/2011 08:59 AM     
  @ ichi  
yeah that is true but i feel like if we all gang up on dc we have a good chance at winning this time look at cairo and yemen or look how fast the soviet union fell it can be done. in the civil war the south just wanted to succeed from the union but that wasn´t the answer we need to take control of the union... and hell i´d rather die trying than to sit back and do nothing
  by: Devil Duck     02/06/2011 09:15 PM     
I´d sooner move
  by: syoware   02/06/2011 09:40 PM     
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