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                 01/23/2018 11:05 PM  
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02/02/2011 09:26 AM ID: 87771 Permalink   

Tonsil Removal Linked to Weight Gain


According to a study by US researchers, children who had their tonsils removed tend to gain weight after the surgery. The research covered 795 children up to age 18 who are normal weight or overweight and had tonsillectomy.

The most common reason their tonsils were removed was sleep-disordered breathing. The study participants were divided into three groups according to their BMI.

"When the diseased tonsils are removed, the child then is able to consume additional calories". Also the study suggests that "Children with chronic tonsillitis may have dysphagia or odynophagia that may lead to a reduced calorie intake".

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is very good, then i dont make doctors to remove my tonsils for dont want to be fat.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     02/02/2011 01:26 PM     
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The sum of this article says: When you get your tonsils out it is easier to eat more calories. People got fat from doing so.

Getting your tonsils out isn´t the direct cause: Eating more is the cause.

It´s akin to saying that people who have candy available gain weight. No, people who have candy available AND EAT TOO MUCH gain weight.

  by: gbestwick   02/02/2011 09:14 PM     
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