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                 02/25/2018 12:38 AM  
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02/02/2011 08:05 PM ID: 87782 Permalink   

Glenn Beck Freaks Out About Egypt, Other Conservatives Support Protesters


A schism has erupted in the right wing of American politics over the issue of the popular uprising in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak. Glenn Beck has unhatched a theory in which the protests culminate in the re-establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

Additionally, they would lead to Russian control of the Netherlands (and Saul Alinsky, the Muslim Brotherhood, Van Jones, Hamas and Code Pink are all part of it). Meanwhile, less religious conservatives such as Michael Rubin of the AEI support the protests in Egypt.

Israel and its fate under a "new" Egypt is the wedge on the right. "Israelis aren´t on board on the democracy game," Rubin said. "They´d much rather rely on aging dictators to keep things quiet." He said Israel is "happy to sell out" Egyptians.

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  Frankly, I fear Glenn is correct...  
and then some. Not only could we see the rise of a new Caliphate but, potentially, the rise of new pyramids built by Israeli slave labor. I´m afraid the protesters are willing to move so far back politically and religiously that we will see the return of a theocratic government based on ancient Egyptian religions. Eventually, the Israeli military would fail against the hordes of mighty Egyptian chariots and all Israelis would be herded back to the banks of the Nile to serve the needs of the new Pharaohs.

The most fearsome part of the return of Ra and the great tombs of the Egyptian kings, will of course be the return of mummification. If there´s one thing the modern world can´t handle, it would be in oh, 20 or 30 years, an impoverished Egyptian raiding the tomb of a modern day Pharaoh and unleashing the curse of a 21st century mummy on the civilized world.

Have you seen The Mummy starring Brendan Fraiser? I don´t think our fragile world could withstand a sandstorm of that magnitude. So, Jesus would then have to return to fight the mummy who will have been given dominion over all Americans because of an earmark written into Obamacare by Democrats. However, if we vote for our Lord in the battle, Jesus will be victorious, the mummy will be vanquished back to his tomb, the Son of God will destroy all places that aren´t America, Israel or specific parts of Canada and a new world order will be born with Jesus as president of all the Earth. Stock your bomb shelters now folks!

[ edited by zirschky ]
  by: zirschky     02/02/2011 08:50 PM     
His downward spiral is starting to take affect. & on top of that good news here is a good assessment of Glenn´s recent misinformation-fear/hate-mongering by Rachel Maddow very funny.

[ edited by vhan ]
  by: vhan     02/02/2011 09:18 PM     
I usually hate your content, but this is the first time I´ve seen you not take the time to write a concise summary. I couldn´t figure out what this was supposed to be talking about till I read the source. You could have elaborated more on what the Glen Beck flip out was all about.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/02/2011 09:22 PM     
I´ll blame space. You´ll notice that I hardly have room to introduce the topic and present the news about Beck before it´s time to switch over to the conservatives who don´t think this spells doom for Israel and like democracy.

As any theory that connects Hamas, Van Jones, Code Pink and Russia taking over Holland deserves a full airing, however, I do sincerely apologize. Wait, no I don´t. : )
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/02/2011 09:44 PM     
You could have just called it crazy mumbo jumbo. I wouldn´t have minded.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/02/2011 09:58 PM     
  I Haven´t Decided  
If his mainspring ran down or if it was over-wound.

This jerk has milked fear with gibberish for so long you have to wonder about his audience.

Do they swallow this garbage or do they think of it as a "Monty Python-esque" form of comedy?

If I was to try to characterize a symbol of the right as clown Bozos this is the model I would choose.

I just can´t visualize that kind of stupidity.


[ edited by ichi ]
  by: ichi     02/03/2011 01:28 AM     
  Frankly my dear, I don´t give a damn...  
Egypt belongs to the Egyptians and they will create their own fate and will have to live with it. It is not up to anyone but Egyptians and is the responsibility of no one but the Egyptians. They call it autonomy. They call it popular revolution, the only way a revolution should occur and will succeed.

This pictures best describes what is happening in Egypt.

PS: Glenn Beck is an idiot and an afterthought at most. Why do you even bother.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/03/2011 02:15 AM     
  an islamic caliphate  
in this modern era would be a very interesting thing to see. imagine if the middle east could get along(someone has to get that israeli thorn out first tho. i´m pretty sure the only reason the united nations created israel was to keep the middle east destabalized
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   02/03/2011 03:07 AM     
And they also created kashmir, and south sudan, and somalia and bosnia and chechnya and kosovo and the kurd and armenia and greece and cyprus and paris when it was burning in riots, those intolerant french, and created the sunni and the shiia and the taliban and the wahabi and yemen. What else was created to fudge the muslim world? Islam has very bloody borders, accept it and live with it.

And for godsake stop blaming the united nations. the united nation is not a country. It is an organization of countries. They do not do shit. They are mainly a coat hanger for politicians to blame for anything they do not understand.

  by: kmazzawi     02/03/2011 07:22 AM     
You vision was as profound as it was horrifying. I´m not sure how our great nation can persist through a new Islamic Caliphate and Brendan Fraiser. Horus protect us. However, the thought of two zombies (by definition), a pharaohs mummy and the lord and savior Jesus Christ, duking it out for supreme control of the middle East... I must admit that finds a warm place in my heart.
  by: spiggy   02/03/2011 03:15 PM     
I really don´t care, but I will say this:

Mubarak made a mistake, if you are going to be a dictator, be a dictator. He gives the Egyptian people alot of freedom, and with freedom comes people protesting your power. You dont see protest in N. Korea, now do you? Anyways, Egypt is one of the more free Islamic "poor" states. While leaving the airport in Cairo, I saw many buildings with crosses on them. I learned that roughly 1/3 of the population is christian.

I saw women driving nice cars, beemers and benzes, alone. You would see a woman walking down the street covered from head to toe so you could barely see her eyes. About ten feet behind her you would see another woman that looked fresh out of america, long curly hair, heeled boots, nice necklace on, and designer sunglasses on.

Mubarek is a benevolent dicatator in every sense of the word. Is he perfect? no. Is he HARD on terrorism? You bet your ass.

And as some others have said, they dont seem to be moving towards a democrocy, but closer to a theocracy.
  by: moxpearl   02/03/2011 04:11 PM     
The U.N. created Israel because a few Jewish bankers told the U.K. they could bribe the U.S. into joining the war in exchange for giving them Israel afterwards.

This is why warnings of the pearl harbor attack we ignored, to get us into the war.

The irony of course is these were the same bankers who originally bankrolled Hitler before the war.

This is all public record, for those who wish to look.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/03/2011 04:57 PM     
  People Crazier than Glenn Beck  
1) Those who watch him for anything other than train wreck entertainment.
2) Those who hired him.
3) Those who support the advertisers who make his brand of reality possible.

Then there´s the entire Tea Party, where people carry signs that say they think he´s correct about something.
  by: Jim8   02/03/2011 05:28 PM     
Just because something´s posted on doesn´t mean it´s a matter of public record.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/03/2011 05:39 PM     
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/03/2011 06:11 PM     

"This is why warnings of the pearl harbor attack we ignored, to get us into the war."

That does not make any sense at all.

So we knowingly placed almost all of our Pacific Fleet, with the exception of a few aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor so that the Japanese could destroy them giving us and excuse to go to war.

Had Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto successfully destroyed the three remaining Carriers we would have lost the war with Japan. Admiral Yamamoto damn near won the war in in the first strike. We were lucky to have been able to get the Carrier Yorktown ,damaged in the battle of the Coral Sea, into a Californian shipyard and back into service in time to join the battle of Midway where we rebalanced the scales.

There is absolutely no logic to this conspiracy accusation.

[ edited by ichi ]
  by: ichi     02/03/2011 07:01 PM     
Your still under the assumption that the people made the decision, and not a private organization only interested in financial and political gain.

It makes perfect sense.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/03/2011 07:08 PM     
Let me put it this way.

It does not benefit the parasite to kill the host.

If Pearl Harbor had been totally successful,and it nearly was, Japan would have controlled the Pacific. The only thing that stood in the way of the Japanese was our fleet and the Hawaiian Bases.Once they wiped the fleet out and neutralized The bases in Hawaii there was nothing to stop them. Our flag would have been the Rising Sun not long after.

[ edited by ichi ]
  by: ichi     02/04/2011 12:13 AM     
"The only thing that stood in the way of the Japanese was our fleet and the Hawaiian Bases"
No. The only thing that would have stopped the japanese fleet would have been further boats and planes to be produced. As for attacking the shores, even the russians balked at attacking the US when Japan seemed to be losing because they were concerned that even American civilians are too well armed.
  by: kmazzawi     02/04/2011 03:48 PM     
  ^about every other iraqi has an AK  
Didn´t stop us from invading.

I don´t think civilians with guns makes much of a difference in the reality scope of things.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   02/04/2011 07:56 PM     
Japanese Occupation Map 1942

With the exception of Hawaii they controlled the Pacific.

Time line:

[ edited by ichi ]
  by: ichi     02/04/2011 08:51 PM     
I think this spells out that Beck considers the old Caliphates to be equivalent to modern Islamic theocracies (which is factually untrue when comparing with historical evidence), and he fears that the Muslim Brotherhood will install a modern Islamic theocracy in Egypt, much akin to what is in Iran. Fox News is harping on this nonstop. If you look at it, Israel is getting boxed in right now by anti-Israeli factions. No one in an Arab country supports Israel. In their view, the Israelis occupy stolen land and are committing genocide against Palestinians. They are on the side of the Palestinians. Things are NOT looking good for Israel.

That said, I cannot support Beck in his half-hearted analysis of the conflict. Edit: To clarify about "Israel being boxed in," I mean that they are already bordered by two hostile neighbors, and this recent unrest is producing a situation wherein Israel´s only "escape" is the Mediterranean. Lebanon and Syria to the North and Northeast, respectively, but Egypt to the Southwest and Jordan to the East. Egypt is falling to a faction that has had documented ties with Iran, and Jordan is experiencing turmoil as well. I can´t help but think that Lebanon was the first step (when Hezbollah triggered the collapse of the Lebanese government), and Egypt is next, triggered by opportunism which has arisen from the Tunisia conflict. Syria and Lebanon (via Hezbollah) are puppets of Iran already, and as stated, the Muslim Brotherhood is in the same boat. How is this NOT a move against Israel?

[ edited by datsuncaptain1 ]
  by: datsuncaptain1     02/05/2011 02:55 AM  
I wouldn´t believe much of that propaganda. They are as loony as PNAC.
  by: Lurker     02/05/2011 03:10 AM     
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