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                 01/22/2018 03:38 AM  
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02/03/2011 12:46 AM ID: 87785 Permalink   

Sniffing Dog Could Detect Rectal Cancer


An eight-year-old Labrador retriever named Marine trained at Kyushu University has a ninety-eight percent accurate rating in detecting colo-rectal cancer.

The Lab was tested with 320 stool and breath samples from healthy subjects and 40 breath and stool samples from subjects with cancer. Marine was correct 95 percent of the time with the breath samples and 98 percent of the time with the stool samples.

However, Marine cannot detect precancerous conditions like polyps that are detectable and treatable with a colonoscopy.

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  Goofed The Title  
Oh well..

When I first saw the article my mind went to a cancer clinic with patients bent over, shorts down, in a line with a handler walking a dog back and forth behind them. Cold nose anyone.
  by: ichi     02/03/2011 12:49 AM     
  heard of this a few years ago  
they were training dogs to sniff lung cancer. fairly effectiv too. wonderful what dogs can do.. i wonder what it costs to train them lol and how much they charge for Dr. Scratch n Sniff to do a check up
  by: thedeeder   02/03/2011 07:34 PM many jokes.....  
  by: zirschky     02/03/2011 09:05 PM     
  Dogs are amazing  
For about two weeks before my dad died last summer, his dog rarely left his side and followed him everywhere he went.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/03/2011 09:12 PM     
  A Dog Is The Only Friend  
That will be non judgmental and faithful to you no matter what.
  by: ichi     02/05/2011 01:07 AM     
I do not envy the dog.
  by: dtylerb   02/06/2011 11:51 PM     
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