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                 02/01/2015 11:40 PM  
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02/06/2011 02:18 PM ID: 87816 Permalink   

Crispy Creme Challenge Donates $100,000 to N.C. Children´s Hospital


College kids have all sorts of quirky traditions and this one is for charity.
Now in its 7th year and growing exponentially, the NCSU tradition involves running 2 miles to a Raleigh Crispy Creme shop, downing a dozen and 2 miles back to NCSU.

This years winner, Fort Bragg Army captain, Jeff Glick finished the 4 miles and 12 donuts in under 30 minutes.
With 7,500 people registered for the race, 5,500 completed the grueling "triathlon". Not all runners finished the dozen.

In addition to the $100,000, more profits for the Children´s Hospital will be based on T-shirt sales.
The challenge started as a dare amongst athletes at N.C. State University.

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  @ STORY  
  by: Rose-Ockulisto     02/06/2011 02:23 PM     
It´s ´Krispy Kreme´.
  by: yusaku     02/07/2011 12:41 AM     
Were the cops involved.....

  by: justus4all   02/08/2011 01:37 AM     
I bet the Cops watched in envy...

Sorry couldnt help it
  by: justus4all   02/08/2011 01:38 AM     
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