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                 04/19/2014 09:37 PM  
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02/10/2011 02:31 PM ID: 87843 Permalink   

Bruins Win Fight Filled Game Against Canadiens to Hold Onto Division Lead


The Montreal Canadiens played their fifty-fifth regular season game last night and lost 8-6 against the Boston Bruins. Thomas played the whole game in nets for the Bruins, while Price played the whole game in nets for the Canadiens.

Ryder and Lucic got 2 goals each, Marhcand, Seidenberg, McQuaid and Horton got a goal each, Horton got 4 assists, Krejci got 3 assists and Bergeron, Recchi, Lucic, Wheeler, Hamill, Seidenberg and Kampfer got an assist each for the Bruins.

Pacioretty got 2 goals, Gionta, Subban, Weber and Desharnais got a goal each, Plekanec, Wisniewski and Weber got 2 assists each and Gionta, Darche, Subban and Desharnais got an assist each for the Canadiens.

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  Upcoming Games  
The Bruins will play the Detroit Red Wings in Boston on February 11th, while the Canadiens will play the New York Islanders in Montreal on February 10th.
  by: enzomendicino     02/10/2011 02:33 PM     
  Can The Admin  
please change the headline to "Bruins Win Fight Filled Game Against Canadiens to Hold Onto Division Lead"

  by: enzomendicino     02/10/2011 02:40 PM     
  Good submission  
Nice one - might want to leave fight filled outta the title though for brevity´s sake though. You didn´t feel it was necessary to make mention of the scraps in your summary.
  by: darkshanker   02/12/2011 06:33 AM     
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