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                 02/22/2018 11:55 AM  
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02/11/2011 06:41 AM ID: 87855 Permalink   

Colorado Republican Leader Resigns Over "Tea Party Nuts": Poll Suggests He Is Wise


Dick Wadhams, the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, has resigned, saying he did not want to lead a party ruled by Tea Party "nuts" who are inflexible in their ideology and naive about politics. Polling data suggests he was right.

PPP surveyed Colorado and found that while President Obama would win an election against a moderate Republican by 6 points there, a match-up against a more radically conservative Tea Party candidate would spell a whopping 12-point victory for Obama.

Colorado Republicans, however, have shown disdain for the type of moderate candidates who could give Obama more of a challenge. Only 25 percent of Colorado Republicans want a moderate, while 66 percent want to nominate a more conservative candidate.

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The Tea party is putting its members in a bad position. To get nominated as a republican candidate, you have to kiss their ass. But one you kiss the tea party ass, your chances of winning a national election becomes slim.

I expect in the next state elections more people will show up not just the old guys who showed up to vote for the last round. I also expect many of the republican voters (the old dudes) from the last round will either be dead from old age, or left hanging with no medical coverage.
  by: kmazzawi     02/11/2011 02:36 PM     
  I love the idea of libertarianism returning  
to US politics. But it seems like the tea party was hijacked by neoconservatives. Fools like Sarah Palin and other people hell bent on creating more war, more debt, more pain, and more jobs lost to Chinese wage slaves.

And it seems like a lot of the people that want libertarianism dont seem to have a clue what actual libertarianism means. Yes there are many in the movement that see what is going on, like Ron Paul. But most are just blinded by the same stupid rhetoric and tricks as before.

If they were true libertarians, they would be for smaller government, killing the debt, abolition of many government agencies, and also the securing of our basic civil liberties. Instead these clowns seek just the opposite in most cases. Especially in terms of actual liberties!

I personally see the average tea party member as nothing short of a supporter of an American flavor of Fascism.
  by: slavefortheman     02/11/2011 03:06 PM     
  Well said slave.  
Well said indeed.
  by: silencedmajority   02/11/2011 03:54 PM     
  What I really think is funny  
... is how so many of these Tea Party nuts hearken back to an American "good old days" era that never remotely existed.

The United States has not closely resembled anything in the Tea Party´s imagined ideal for about 80 years. But they seem to think they´d be ushering back the days of Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver.

What they would really take us back to (and we´re nearly there) is another Gilded Age and Great Depression -- minus the socialist programs of FDR that prevented mass starvation.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/11/2011 05:19 PM     
I totally agree. The New Deal and many of the laws passed during that time where some of the greatest social change that this country has had. It is sad that nearly every admin since has tried to dismantle these laws piece by piece.

When I think of "conservative" I always think of a fiscal conservative. But these idiots in the tea party seem to want their cake and eat it too by mixing in "Social Conservativism" which is totally opposed to the ideals of conservativism in general. They ask for smaller government but also want to have the government spy on you for your own good. They want the government to not tell them what to do but then ask for that very same government to tell you how you should live your life morally...

If anything American Conservatives in my opinion are nothing more than classic Double Thinkers. They seem to hold contradicting ideas in their puny minds and accept them both!

Of course this door swings both ways in many instances. So called "Liberals" are all for human rights and then go off and support calls to create more of a police state all in the name of security... I admit that conservatives seem to suffer more greatly from this mental deficiency but it seems to strike both sides of the isle on many issues.

Nobody in government likes to call it anything but "Socialism" but in reality, we are building a Fascist state with an American flair to it.
  by: slavefortheman     02/11/2011 05:59 PM     
One of my favorite things to do is to lead these mindless supporters of fascism in to a conversation with the ultimate goal of getting them to a point where their own contradictions crash into each other...

Each time they are confronted with their "contradicting ideas" I see them split in one of two ways...

The more polite ones simply accuse ME of talking non-sense (I haven´t really said anything, I´m listening to you and referring to what you said previously) - And then THEY change the subject.

Or - and this one is my favorite...

They get hostile and start slinging arbitrary insults at me in order to change the subject / prevent further discussion on the subject.

At least in a forum like this, these tactics can be pointed out early on, effectively forcing the likes of CArnold (et. al.) in to a corner.

I can only imagine that these two tactics were at play when the Colorado republican got so frustrated that he had to quit in order to save what was left of his sanity.

These types of (conservative) people can not be reasoned with and are unable to see their own ignorance / Immune to the effects and methods of sound reasoning. You know... Church goin´ folks.

Mr Wadhams: "Fuck it!"
  by: richie65x   02/13/2011 10:36 AM     
actually, what is really being said is congress is and has been the problem for years. what is needed are people that follow the constitution. also needed is activist judges being removed for making ruling to sure themselves instead of following teh law. remember people, we are ruled BY law and we do not live by rule OF law.
  by: shannon853   02/13/2011 08:33 PM     
  "ruled BY law"  
The old saying: "Laws for the people and by the people"

Can be updated (cynically perhaps) to say: "Laws for the lawyers and by the lawyers"
  by: richie65x   02/13/2011 08:49 PM     
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