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                 01/23/2018 11:05 AM  
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02/14/2011 10:09 AM ID: 87901 Permalink   

Study: Fetal Heart Monitoring Can Reduce Infant Deaths


Although the usage of fetal heart monitors is highly debated as some say they are useless and some say they give important information, a new study now claims that the monitoring can save infants´ lives.

The research reports that the risk of infant death among children without monitoring is 3.8 per 1,000 births, while the risk among those who are monitored before birth is 3.0.

The findings of the study were revealed last Saturday at a meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in San Francisco.

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0.08% difference.
not much, and could easily be just statistical anomaly.
I would have to side with the ´useless´ opinion here, surely there is other new technologies that have a better cost/results ratio.
  by: veya_victaous     02/14/2011 10:24 PM     
  There is a difference.  
Yes, there is a difference, but we need to ask at what cost/benefit ratio.

A little heartless one could argue, but quite simply it´s this. I´m sure for the cost of monitoring child heartbeats, we could put that money into research that would potentially save many more lives. I think this is one that needs to be run by the numbers, and not by the emotion of "My Precious Babies Life"
  by: gbestwick   02/15/2011 05:39 PM     
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