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                 04/19/2014 04:15 AM  
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02/21/2011 08:25 PM ID: 88020 Permalink   

Study: Pre-Run Stretching Does Not Protect Against Injury


A recent study conducted by researchers at George Washington University say stretching before running in fact does not protect from injuries.

The injury rate of all study participants were roughly the same regardless of whether or not the runner stretched beforehand. Over 2,000 athletes were examined. Dr. McDevitt, however, still recommends stretching.

"I will continue to advise light stretching before exercise, for running or anything else. Stretching works on your flexibility. Maybe it won´t prevent you from getting hurt, but it will help your overall health," he says.

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  Then why does it feel so good??  
I´d like a second opinion on this.
Is it only running?
  by: Mannyishere     02/21/2011 09:13 PM     
  hmm idk  
Let´s say youj never dstrwetch, & loose that fexibility. Won´t it be harder to move making pulling muscles easier? I used tp play DDR like a boss & if I didn´t stretch my muscles would cramp & it would eventually become hard to move because the muscles would be too tight. So I guess I didn´t pull anything, but stretching always made me feel better, & more capable.
  by: vhan     02/21/2011 09:48 PM     
I thought this was old? I remember PE teachers saying stretch then run but then they changed it to run THEN stretch
  by: JayWar   02/22/2011 12:33 AM     
  I am slowly  
picturing vhan playing DDR lol.
I knew I liked you.X)
  by: Mannyishere     02/22/2011 04:01 AM     
  Sounds silly, actually  
that you would have one set of physical limits when "pre stretching" and a different set of limits when stretching whilst running.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   02/26/2011 09:11 AM     
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