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                 02/25/2018 06:53 AM  
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02/22/2011 10:00 PM ID: 88034 Permalink   

Study: Oral Sex Is Main Cause of Throat Cancer


Scientists of Ohio State University in Columbus say that oral cancer stemming from the virus spread during oral sex is more common than throat cancer caused by tobacco or alcohol consumption.

This especially applies to people under the age of 50. Researchers report that cancer provoked by oral sex has been on the rise in the last ten years.

Furthermore, the number of your sex partners is linked to oral HPV infection. "The higher the number of partners that you’ve had, the greater the odds that you’d have an oral infection," Professor Gillison explains.

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  Something New  
I thought HPV based cancer only happen in the cervix, guess I was wrong, and I hope the Ohio scientists will choke on their own report.
  by: kmazzawi     02/22/2011 10:23 PM     
Again, a virus causes cancer, not oral sex. If your partners are clean it wouldn´t cause it.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/22/2011 10:27 PM     
  Not new  
This has been known for several years:
  by: Lurker     02/22/2011 10:30 PM     
don´t let my girlfriend know this >.>
  by: tizubythefizo   02/22/2011 11:09 PM     
So what they really mean to say is that sleeping around is the main cause of throat cancer.
  by: velger   02/23/2011 07:25 AM     
i´m calm as i can continue smoking till i quit it.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     02/23/2011 12:41 PM     
HPV is too common to be the cause of any cancer. More likely just an indicator.

[ edited by jamesmc ]
  by: jamesmc   02/23/2011 01:51 PM     
By that logic, stem cells are even more common with Billions in our body at any given time and every now and then one of them might decide to turn into a cancer.
  by: kmazzawi     02/23/2011 02:21 PM     
I always use strawberry flavoured condoms so surely my girl would not get cancer.
  by: MalcolmB   02/23/2011 04:50 PM     
  if I am correct  
HPV is capable of infecting any portion of the body with sufficient mucous/moist tissue. Therefore, if the HPV virus likes the cervix, then it´s only logical that it would equally like the esophagus. On a second note however, this would be further reason to promote sexual exclusivity versus the current rather promiscuous behavior of todays sexually active youth. Either that or promote condom use, but good luck trying to convince a 17 year old male that he needs to wear a condom during oral sex!
  by: theavenger8     02/23/2011 04:53 PM     
Were the results based on spitting or swallowing?
  by: alucard318   02/23/2011 08:45 PM     
  Studies show  
that 100% of guys do not appreciate this study.
  by: gryphon50a   02/24/2011 02:16 AM     
psh, good luck convincing a 26 year old male(me) he should wear a condom during oral sex.
  by: tizubythefizo   02/24/2011 02:30 AM     
  @ tizubythefizo  
i know right that would defeat the purpose it´s not like i´m going to make her face pregnant... or am i!?
  by: Devil Duck     02/24/2011 04:36 AM     
  Great news!  
Sweet (salty?) revenge on my ex. I´ll bet this news is hard to swallow!
  by: womenareviolent     02/24/2011 04:54 PM     
again prove their stupidity or their tenacity. Depending on if they actually believe their own b_ll_hit.

In other research... Study proves: Sex main cause of cancer.

[ edited by mexicanrevolution ]
  by: mexicanrevolution   02/25/2011 01:24 AM     
Eating food: leading cause of obesity!

Breathing: Leading cause of cancer!

Walking: Leading cause of fatal injury!
  by: velger   02/25/2011 09:57 PM     
you people seem to know more about medicine than anybody on the planet. Let´s hope you don´t get HPV in your throat and die of throat cancer. You are all a piece of work.
  by: Lurker     02/26/2011 12:22 AM     
no we just know more than you. Like there are over 200 types of HPV, and it´s the most prevalent STI of all (40% of malews age 20-24 have contracted one strain, not all strains stay with you, keep that in mind) by age 50 there´s an 80% chance you´ll have at one point been infected.

(go to the wiki and read the sources, that´s the only time I pull wiki info is if there´s a reliable source attached to the statement)
  by: tizubythefizo   02/26/2011 03:35 AM     
  Half of the world´s males have HPV  
  by: Lurker     03/01/2011 01:24 AM     
where would I get HPV from. I´ve only every had one partner and so has she.
I hope.
  by: MalcolmB   03/03/2011 05:36 PM     
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