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                 09/17/2014 07:28 AM  
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02/24/2011 09:40 PM ID: 88064 Permalink   

Rising Oil Prices Threaten Airline Business


Although U.S. airlines´ profit rose 2 percent last year, the carriers are now facing a big problem. The rising fuel prices forces them to increase airfares again and again.

Carriers have already lifted airfares 4 times in 2011, which makes additional expenses of around $40 per traveler compared to the end of 2010.

"Fuel prices are now the highest cost for the airlines," finance professor and pilot Frank Werner said.

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Lets build some bullet trains people! Get with the times!
  by: ub3rtristan   02/25/2011 03:40 AM     
  The Revolution in Libya is the Cause...  
Libya produces 2% of the world oil and any disruption to the flow will cause a ripple effect.

This is only part of the problem to come. If Algeria joins the domino effect even more of the worlds production will take a hit and if the biggest domino falls, Saudi Arabia, all hell will break loose. Oil prices will easily hit $200 a barrel and shortages will be world wide until the coup ends.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/25/2011 03:12 PM     
  o.k. U.S.  
drill,drill, drill!
  by: shannon853   02/25/2011 05:23 PM     
The U.S. has more oil then the middle east its true, but we won´t open up drilling until we have 200$/barrel oil, and then it will take a few years to build the pipelines.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     02/25/2011 05:33 PM     
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