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                 02/13/2016 10:23 PM  
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03/10/2011 10:21 PM ID: 88239 Permalink   

Kia Sportage is CarBuyer´s Car of the Year 2011


Automobile website CarBuyer has announced its Car of the Year 2011. The Kia Sportage received the award because it satisfies its owner, according to the site.

All Kia Sportage models offer electric windows, air-conditioning, comfort, seven-year warranty, diesel engines, active and passive safety systems and also good looks.

Despite of all those features, the Sportage is not very expensive, being priced at £17,015 - £26,740.

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It´s ugly as hell.
  by: Lurker     03/10/2011 11:11 PM     
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