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                 02/23/2018 09:46 AM  
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03/14/2011 11:09 AM ID: 88289 Permalink   

Fan Tattoos His Body Over and Over With Julia Roberts´ Face


Julia Roberts´ presumably biggest fan has his body covered in tattoos with the face of his idol. The 56-year-old Mexican has 82 tattoos (more or less) resembling his favourite actress.

His chest, back and arms are covered in pictures of Julia smiling, waving or looking serious.

Roberts´ film "Erin Brockovich" was the trigger for his appreciation, which cost him $81,000 so far. He plans to add tattoos of her as long as he finds space on his body.

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That is fail! To have paid 81k on such bad tattoos!
  by: pas content   03/14/2011 02:31 PM     
  Paid too much  
He paid $81,000 for the tattoos, what he should pay for now, is 7 dollars for a haircut, it will make the tats look better.
  by: kmazzawi     03/14/2011 04:15 PM     
Just wow. . . . I didn´t think she was that great or that hot. I wonder what going through Julia´s head right now as she reads about this story?
  by: aaxel21   03/14/2011 05:54 PM     
  He´d be popular in prison.....  
  by: Valkyrie123     03/14/2011 06:45 PM     
feckin weirdo
  by: EricS     03/15/2011 07:20 PM     
  i did this same thing  
except with the face of Rosanne Barr
I dont regret a thing
  by: calculon   03/16/2011 02:37 PM     
  I Wonder  
If there is a correlation between the number of tattoos and IQ?
  by: Jim8   03/16/2011 06:39 PM     
i feel like you were trying to murder me.
  by: kmazzawi     03/16/2011 08:37 PM     
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