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                 02/23/2018 05:19 PM  
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03/20/2011 07:00 PM ID: 88388 Permalink   

Possible Second Major Oil Leak in Gulf


An oil slick measuring 12 miles wide and 100 miles long has been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico and is suspected to be from a new major leak at the Matterhorn Seastar oil rig just 20 miles from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

Pilots from several independent organization are monitoring the slick and report it is spreading fast. Fishermen in Louisiana are reporting fresh oil slicks washing up on shore. Boom has been placed by cleanup crews to catch the spill.

The Matterhorn field produces 5200 barrels of oil a day and was discovered in 1999. The well sits in 2789 feet of water and has been in production since 2003. It is 30 miles SE of the Mississippi River delta.

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  A bunch more links to the oil spill....  
  by: Valkyrie123     03/20/2011 07:17 PM     
Drilling holes in the ocean floor is lunacy. Especially when the companies doing it are greedy and incompetent.
  by: Lurker     03/20/2011 07:58 PM     
  This is...  
...fucking nuts. Two spills within a year of each other? I don´t care what effect this has on prices but the drilling needs to stop there now. When a group of people repeatedly show incompetence or a complete lack of empathy and continue bad practices, you end it. You don´t keep saying, "okay... Just be careful next time".

There needs to be a permanent moratorium on this shit.
  by: Zyste     03/20/2011 09:39 PM     
  there was  
there was a report of a second leak when the gulf oil leak thing was going on, same leak from what it sounds like (same area, same place) they said it was bigger too and there was people in the news talking about it and it was just put on the shelf so to speak .. lol so that thing has been leaking all this time :)

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  by: key2000     03/20/2011 09:51 PM     
  No Worries  
When people start dropping by the millions we can always start producing soylent green!
  by: joshjje   03/20/2011 10:22 PM     
  What Oil?!?  
The reason that people are taking such risks to obtain oil is because we are damn near out of oil! At first the high price of oil was due to greed(oil cartels)and now it is due to desperation. Desperation to recover very last drop of oil. Watch the documentry called: Collapse. It´s about a modern industrail civilization facing an oil crisis. Research the facts that the world has just about run out of fossil fuel! No gas/oil = No food etc. The world as we know it is about to undertake a great change. Learn how to survive on your own. Do NOT expect the government to help you!Take it upon yourself to learn the truth. RESEARCH all you can!
There is an old adage, "Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst."
  by: Katnea   03/21/2011 12:20 AM     
  To Joshiie  
Your comment about people dropping by the millions and producing Soylent Green made me smile. Then I started to ponder your remark and feel that you may not be so far off base. Have you ever read up on the: Georgia Guide stones? The first line tells us:
Maintain humanity under 5000,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Some people believe that our world cannot maintain 6 billion+ people for long. Perhaps the powers-that-be want nothing more then to ´thin´ out the populations.
I have read that the elite have built huge underground bunkers called: D.U.M.B. bunkers located around the world. An escape home from any major catastrophes be it nature or man made.
Have you ever looked up the art work at the Denver airport where one of the bunkers is located? The murals depict a type of bio-chem warfare disaster.
Why did the CIA move to Denver and far away form any coastal area? Have you ever read up about the doomsday Svalbard Global Seed Vault? Have you ever wondered about the FEMA coffins and camps? Why did China build cities(far inland) meant to be home to millions lying deserted? What does China along with our government know about the future events that will effect us all...esp the people who live along the coast? Do the powers-that-be understand that a pole shift or some other type of disaster may be coming soon? Look at the strange weather, earthquakes/volcanos and millions of animal deaths that are happening all over the world!
Be ready to read lots of propaganda to try and debunk the truth. The Sheeple must be kept calm to continue going to work everyday and pay taxes to build the bunkers for the elite etc. The Sheeple must be kept in-the-dark for as long as possible to avoid mass riots. Be ready to sift through any type of information that debunks the truth. You must always connect the dots and read between the lines to survive. This is not business as usual folks. I´m sure you feel it deep down if you take the time to listen to your heart. Push aside the fear and prepare. Have enough food and water for at least 6+ months. Who are you going to believe? People that feel as I or the government? I have only touched on a ´few´ of the questions that make me go Hmmmmm. I can´t name all of my concerns here as it would take toooo long.
Call me crazy if you must but when the shite hits the fan...I will have food and knowledge how to survive.
"A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
Remember....we are all connected to each other.
  by: Katnea   03/21/2011 01:54 AM     
there is plenty of oil left, indeed, the more oil companies look for it, the more they find it. But this has no correlation to the price of oil.

So, if oil drilling under the ocean is profitable, mr. Oil will go get it. Absolutely nothing to do with the oil supply. There is tons of it. Your local stations are full. Don´t really know why I am telling you this. It´s pretty obvious. Only crazy conspiracy theorists like yourself suppose the oil will be all gone in "just a few more years." More oil than we want or need. It just costs money to extract.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   03/21/2011 02:26 AM     
  Time For Governor Haley Barbour  
To apologize to the oil companys again for any discomfort they may experience.

Corporate greed has no bounds. Just think of the "Lockerbie bomber" and thank British Petroleum for his release to Libya. In my opinion these are moral-less bastards and people like Barbour have sold their soul to them.
  by: ichi     03/21/2011 04:03 AM     
  @ H.W.Hutchins  
Why drill for oil in the ocean If PLENTY of oil is on land? I´m sure it cost way more to drill deep down in the ocean then on land. The Arab oil producing countries are drilling for oil in the ocean. Why? Because the Arabs are forced to do just that.

Again I ask...Why risk polluting the ocean and enviroment if not forced to do so?

The oil glues birds feathers together, clogs fishes gills,and blocks out sunlight making it harder for plants underwater to go through photosynthesis. Oil pollution slows down coral reefs growing and their reproduction. Drilling for oil in the ocean is the last ditch effort to continue our oil hunger.

Yes my local station has gas(for now) but that does not prove the world is not running out of fossil fuel.

My geologist neighbors job is trying to find oil. He told me that the oil shortage situation is true and that the world will soon be facing a critical crisis!

H.W. You say that the world has "More oil then we want or need" (laughs) Why would my neighbor lie to me about how difficult it´s become to find oil?

Why are people Fracking for oil if the world has heaps of oil? The risk of contaminating the water tables and poisoning wells for miles around just to obtain oil tells me just how much oil is around!

10/11/2010 "The alarm bells have been ringing as surveys indicate that oil will become increasingly scarce at the present rate of consumption. Oil explorations are going on all over the world and there appears to be some small pockets of suspected oil reserves, but these constitute ony a fraction of the quantum needed to offset the anticipated shortages."
"The signs are ominous, and if appropriate remedial mesures are not immediately put in place, it is almost a certainty that by the end of 2020 most nations around the world will have to make do with less and less oil. An energy war seems to have already begun and as the worlds limited oil reserves are getting depleted, the warlike situation will futher worsen in the forseeable future."

Can you prove to me that we have "more oil then we want or need" other then...well...geee... my station on the corner has gas for mah car.
  by: Katnea   03/21/2011 04:39 AM     
Greed is a constant in human nature Get over it! its what drives the economy. No matter what level of wealth your at you always want more.

To say greed caused this is like saying gravity caused the plane crash

That is why us "free market" people advocate well, a free market. RISK is the natural human nature check on greed. When you start legislating away RISK, GREED runs rampant

We still have plenty of oil, it just that from what I believe is we hit "peak oil" We have to grab the expensive stuff now because the cheap/easy stuff is running out

[ edited by t-bagger ]
  by: t-bagger   03/21/2011 05:46 AM     
  not a oil leak:

Looks like they are thinking that it´s from dredging, not a oil leak.
  by: thefinalwave   03/21/2011 06:33 AM     
Can you prove to me that "the Arab oil producing countries are forced to drill for oil in the ocean?"

Or show what that has to do with the supply of oil?
  by: H. W. Hutchins   03/21/2011 07:03 AM     
  @ t-bagger  
I don´t understand what you mean about cheap/easy and expensive oil. Are you saying that the cheap/easy oil is from the land and the expensive oil is from drilling in the ocean?

As far as greed goes...if one wants to sell his/her soul for money/power...then the good news is they ´may´ get to reincarnate back as a Cockroach...but only if they are lucky.

I don´t believe that greed is constant in human nature or the feeling that you will never have enough. I will not "get over it"...ever. That is like saying that murder is constant in human nature. If I take all your food and you suffer a slow death. Am I to tell you to "get over it" ...tata!

For greed does = death.

BTW...I watched a wonderful academy award winner/best documentary movie called:Inside Job that is narrated by Matt Damon. Talk about making one´s blood boil! This is a must see video.

"If we have NO PEACE,it is because we HAVE FORGOTTEN that we BELONG TO EACH OTHER." Mother Teresa
  by: Katnea   03/21/2011 07:36 AM     
  @ H.W. Hutchins  
I apologize to you H.W. regarding the Arab countries. I should of said: Saudi Arabia country. I found some of the information at

Offshore: Saudi Arabia aims to bolster offshore oil and gas program. (published sept.1,2009)

"Saudi Aramco is working to increase output at Ghawar and other onshore fields such as Khurais and Shaybah. Additionally, the company recognizes that to meet its ambitious production goals, it MUST also increase offshore operations."

"In total, Saudi Aramco operates approximately 16 offshore fields. As part of its plan to expand operations in these fields, the company has increased the number of active offshore rigs from one rig in 2000 to 21 in 2009. Nineteen of these rigs currently are drilling and two are conducting workover operations. Saudi Aramco still has more offshore operations than any other company in the Gulf."

"New Fields Fast-Tracked and Contracts Awarded by Gas-Starved Saudi Aramco
Saudi Arabia is attempting to speed up its tackling of the kingdom´s gas crunch, with demand growth still proving resistant to the global economic downturn, while oil production cutbacks curtail its ability to produce the associated gas that makes up around 60% of its total gas output. The higher amount of non-associated production will, however, mean that overall production costs will be significantly higher, pressing the Kingdom to alter its domestic pricing regime over the long term."

"With the last project packages at the Karan gas field development awarded to J. Ray McDermott after price cuts, Saudi Aramco can now move forward with new upstream projects, to address the looming future gas— and electricity-SHORTAGES otherwise expected."
I Googled this info as well: Collapse Movie Transcript Part 1.
Saudi Arabia has 25% of the known oil reserves, 25 %. Why? If Saudi Arabia has all these untapped reserves on land why are they moving heavily into offshore drilling? If it´s 5, 10, 50 times more expensive to drill offshore, doesn´t that tell you they have NO more oil? It´s axiomatic that if Saudi Arabia is past there peak, then the whole planet is simply based on the size of the reserve.

Iraq probably has about 90 billion barrels of oil, that sounds like a lot of oil, but when you consider we use 85million barrels a day that means 1 billion barrels will last 11.5 days, so that´s not that much..."
"Lets assume for the sake of discussion that there´s 600 billion barrels of oil in the arctic, first of all, it happens to be under the polar ice cap...that´s a problem...The polar ice cap is on 10-15thousand feet of water, it floats, you can´t just drill a well on Tuesday and expect it to be in the same place on Wednesday, that´s why a lot of conservative think tanks are cheering global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps..."
"Peak oil is now very easy to explain,much easier than it was a long time ago, people know what $148 a barrel oil feels like, essentially peak oil is, if you know what a bell curve is...comes up...comes down, peak oil is the point of oil production where you´re at the top of the bell curve and essentially what that means you´ve used up half of the resource, in the case of oil and any other substance like that, regardless of how much money(technology) you throw at it, you´re never going to be able to increase oil production where it was at peak."

"As of 2008, the global energy agency has admitted that there is a global 9% decline rate in oil production, equiv 8 million bbls a day, there is not a way, after we plucked all the low hanging fruit and found the big reservoirs, we are going to be able to offset a 9% decline rate."

God/Goddess Bless Michael Ruppert for taking the risk to share information with us all. He truly has enlighten many people.

  by: Katnea   03/21/2011 09:15 AM     
  @thefinalwave: who owns the WSJ? Murdoch.  
Can you get another source or is that the one?
  by: redstain   03/22/2011 11:55 PM     
It is officially another oil leak. A non-productive well that was not properly sealed has ruptured and is spewing oil into the gulf. There are over 27,000 of these wells in the gulf ready to pop and leak poison again and again.
  by: Valkyrie123     03/24/2011 02:21 AM     
  Just a Hunch  
I wonder if the recent super(full)moon (Perigee) ´may´ of added severe gravitational force to unhinge the poorly sealed oil well caps?

With 27,000 older well caps ready to give way...what horror awaits us?!?

I also remember hearing about a bulge in the gulf due to Methane building up under the crust. I understood the information to be of a ticking-time-bomb nature. Maybe the pressure of the huge Methane bubble has helped to unstablelize the caps as well?

Whatever the reason... I for one am shocked to hear of how many old abandoned wells are in the gulf AND.... I am so very frightened for our children.

When greedy people die...the type that live-only-for-today and fuck everyone else...Well...Let me tell ya...they are going to experience one hell-of-a life review! Perhaps they will carry a long heavy chain made of 27,000 oil caps around their necks in a Jacob Marley fashion! (sigh)

  by: Katnea   03/25/2011 06:46 AM     
  the earth  
is doomed
  by: newshorts   02/22/2014 03:52 AM     
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