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                 04/25/2014 01:54 AM  
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03/24/2011 02:50 AM ID: 88432 Permalink   

RIAA Sues Lime Wire for $75 Trillion


The RIAA is asking for $75 trillion in damages from LimeWire for illegal file sharing and copyright infringement. Judge Kimba Wood has called the damage amount “absurd” and contrary to copyright laws.

Using a formula that multiplies the number of users involved by the number in infringements the total amount demanded by the RIAA could vary anywhere from $400 billion to $75 trillon.

"As defendants note, plaintiffs are suggesting an award that is ´more money than the entire music recording industry has made since Edison´s invention of the phonograph in 1877,´" Manhattan federal district court judge Kima Wood said.

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  Heh..Heh.. He.hehehe. hahaha...  
hehehehehehahahaahahahehehehehahahahahaha >Deep inhale< Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahehehehehehehehe sniff cry sob sob >Deep inhale<.
O.k. I think I got it under.. >Giggle< control.. >Giggle< So if they win are they going to bail out the USA? >Giggle.< Will this truly be the first step to a publicly owned corporate America. Where decision are made by share holder profits.. Oh.. Wait.. That is what we have now.. Why do I sudden find this not funny.
  by: CaveHermit   03/24/2011 03:36 AM     
I guess they think every person on the planet, including themselves, owe them money.
  by: splicer   03/24/2011 04:38 AM     
  This story  
Belongs on The Onion.
  by: caution2     03/24/2011 09:47 AM     
  what do they have for brains???  
they´re f. ridiculous
I guess whole world should not pay and go to jail then..
  by: drndo   03/24/2011 02:22 PM     
Just wait till you start getting emails from Limewire folks "letting you know that you have won a lottery, they just need your bank account information to "send" you the money"
  by: tizubythefizo   03/24/2011 03:43 PM     
  makes sense.  
I was once going to spend $75 Trillion on a few cds but when I realised I could download the songs for free I just bought the earth three times over instead.
  by: jamesmc   03/24/2011 09:02 PM     
  "$400 billion to $75 trillion"  
Now, that´s a very rough estimate...

Whoever uses LimeWire!? I know my 65+ years old mother did some years ago. I thought it got obsolete. It´s Usenet, torrent and (rarely) eDonkey I use. Mostly Usenet, cause it´s download only (no upload), which is legal by law over here for music/movies. :)
  by: fonzo   03/24/2011 09:26 PM     
  notice something?  
riaa NEVER goes after the person that posted the music! there is the root cause of the sharing. and of course with operating systems constently providing fixes for people taking over anothers computer, just who really is downloading? as for line wire being guilty, then each server that passed the packets also is in violation.
  by: shannon853   03/24/2011 09:57 PM     
  I say LimeWire  
to counter-sue the RIAA for all the viruses they spread as free music downloads
  by: omegaprimus   03/25/2011 05:02 AM     
They tried to once and failed miserably.
Their only option is to go after the "host". Soon they´ll be suing ISPs for allowing the bandwidth to the persons who committed the piracy.
  by: landocommando   03/25/2011 02:17 PM     
  $75 Trillion  
is about equal to the current GWP (Gross WORLD product). lol.
  by: jamesmc   03/26/2011 03:06 PM     
  I miss using Limewire  
You could find the darnedest stuff using the "Browse Host" function.

[ edited by Jim8 ]
  by: Jim8   03/26/2011 05:47 PM     
Of course not. Think about it from a fiscal point of view. If they stop the illegal uploaders (those sharing the files) then the only place to get the files electronically are from legal sites. Those sites ususally charge something like $.99 per song.

On the other hand, if they let the illegal files remain available, then they can file lawsuits and claim damages of hundreds if not thousands of dollars per song.
  by: opinionated   03/27/2011 07:26 PM     
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