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                 01/21/2018 11:32 PM  
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03/24/2011 04:26 PM ID: 88439 Permalink   

Chinese Premier Promises Help for the Poor Avoiding Middle East Style Turmoil


At the National People´s Congress in Beijing, Wen Jiabao promised to bring prosperity to the "have-nots" left behind by recent spectacular improvements in the world´s second-largest economy.
Concern was also expressed about the Middle East turmoil

State media has stressed concern about a potential "jasmine revolution" and use of the internet to spread descent and call for "illegal gatherings" which could ruin tranquility in society.

Wen has made a point of the problems brought by inflation which he blamed of foreign economies.
The general theme was to pre-empt any cause for dissatisfactinn in the working classes of China.

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  Helping the Poor  
China is avoiding the middle east turmoil by hiding the turmoil from their countrymen. They are so insecure they execute anyone who even question them and they execute by the Thousands. They know they are standing on a political house of cards and that even if a tiny fraction of 1 billion people was to tell them to fvck off they will have no choice but to comply.
  by: kmazzawi     03/24/2011 07:06 PM     
Where´s Jet Li when you need him to rise up and kick someone´s ass?
  by: Rokkumon   03/24/2011 09:49 PM     
  Whoose Propoganda?  
"although the calls to rise up may have come from abroad and only a handful have shown interest in protesting. Another call has been launched for gatherings, again appearing on an overseas website."

And I have a lot of Chinese Friends and most quite like/respect their gov´t. Seriously they been maintaining 7% growth for years now. the Australian Gov´t has difficult controlling social issues when we get over 4% annual growth.
  by: veya_victaous     03/24/2011 11:54 PM     
Not hard to maintain ´growth´ when you run your country like a feudal bastard and artificially prop monopolies in your country.
  by: kmazzawi     03/25/2011 09:22 PM     
In the eye of the beholder perhaps.
  by: vhan     03/26/2011 07:53 AM     
I would completely agree, yet some of their monopolies like in rare earths where legit. In the last year a tons worth doubled in price across the board. Nothing artificial about that one. Being how we use many of them for everything electronic & more I can see why they can maintain such growth.

[ edited by vhan ]
  by: vhan     03/26/2011 07:56 AM     
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