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                 07/24/2014 03:01 PM  
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03/25/2011 01:48 PM ID: 88466 Permalink   

Mobile Operator 3 Ireland Hires 50 More People


In the course of an expansion, mobile operator 3 Ireland creates 50 new jobs in the sectors finance, product development and retail sales.

The jobs will be offered at the company´s headquarter in Dublin and in several retail stores all across Ireland.

"Following our recent launch of Ireland’s first ”All You Can Eat” data price plans for smartphone users, we achieved a 40 per cent increase in new customer connections in the first week," 3 Ireland´s CEO said.

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Is it that bad over there that creating 50 jobs is a big news story?
  by: DRK   03/25/2011 10:24 PM     
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