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                 08/23/2014 09:28 AM  
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08/22/2014 08:08 PM
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03/30/2011 01:28 AM ID: 88538 Permalink   

Japan Suffers Fashion Meltdown as Crocs Donates 100,000 Pairs of Shoes


Crocs has donated 100,000 pairs of shoes to Feed the Children and other charities to be distributed to the already suffering Japanese people.

The company said the donation is part of the Crocs Cares social program.

Crocs Chief Executive, John McCarvel claims they are, “honored to be able to assist at a time when the Japanese people need our help the most".

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  I was going to make a joke  
But i can´t do it better than the title. It´s very nice of them to do. This is a great reason not to have disasters.
  by: ezreader   03/30/2011 05:42 AM     
  Too soon....  
  by: opinionated   03/30/2011 05:56 AM     
  Shoes to feed the children..  
If you are lucky enough to get a pair you can eat one for lunch & one for dinner!
  by: vhan     03/30/2011 06:53 AM     
  uh huh  
Never pass up an opportunity to gain brand recognition aye?
  by: jamesmc   03/30/2011 08:58 AM     
  Giving them crocs?!?!?!  
Thats horrible! Haven´t these poor people suffered enough?

Next thing you know we´ll be sending Polly Shore over to entertain them...
  by: gbestwick   03/30/2011 05:36 PM     
  Ugly ass shoes  
were $50 a pair around here, then $7.95, now freebies.
  by: mcink2   03/31/2011 01:16 PM     
  the japanese  
can´t catch a break!
  by: gryphon50a   04/05/2011 09:36 PM     
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