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                 04/24/2014 01:01 PM  
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04/02/2011 08:36 PM ID: 88589 Permalink   

Virginia Commonwealth Rides a Five Game Streak to Houston


The VCU Rams, an unheard of team, beat USC then Big East Georgetown.
Next Big Ten Purdue, ACC´s FSU Seminoles and most recently, Kansas.
VCU is one forth of the Final Four and Saturday night faces Butler.

VCU was in the First Four, an innovation to the regular scheduling of the selection process. Now they´re in the Final Four as well. During the eliminations VCU couldn´t sell all its 1,000 tickets and now has sold them all.

In earlier games VCU sold their tickets to other teams.
Can Jamie Skeen put enough points on the board to topple Butler?
Against Kansas, he scored 26 points in Sunday´s 71-61 upset against the Jayhawks.

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  @ the Dog Fight  
The streak didn´t last.
Now it´s Bulldogs vs. Huskies
  by: tipster     04/03/2011 02:24 PM     
They´ve been unknown for a long time. I´ve unknown about them since 1989.
  by: theironboard     04/04/2011 04:01 AM     
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