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                 02/22/2018 05:48 PM  
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04/05/2011 06:41 PM ID: 88634 Permalink   

Fatal U.N. Plane Crash in Congo


A plane carrying peacekeepers, U.N. officials, and humanitarian workers crashed as it was attempting to land during inclement weather in Kinshasa, Congo. Of the 33 people on board one survived whose identity and condition remains undisclosed.

Although the flight traveled along a premier route using the most modern craft, airplanes crash frequently in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congolese airlines are generally prohibited from flying to Europe, due to poor aircraft maintenance.

U.N. flights are one of the better means of transportation for the region as hundreds of flights are conducted a week by the organization. Unfortunately they rely heavily on the generosity of donor governments and secondhand aircraft.

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  Of course..  
A plane full of people who were trying to do the place some good crashes. Not like the people running around slaughtering everyone else.. They should get into one of those planes and take a trip.
  by: Allanthar     04/05/2011 06:47 PM     
must be part of the master plan.
  by: joshjje   04/05/2011 11:57 PM     
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