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                 01/19/2018 09:59 PM  
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04/07/2011 02:47 PM ID: 88663 Permalink   

The Honorary Governor and Lt. Governor of New Jersey Are a Set Of Five-Year-Old Twins


Using YouTube to further his political aspirations, Jesse Koczon and his twin brother Brandon were appointed Wednesday to be Governor and Lt. Gov of New Jersey.
In his YouTube debut Jesse cries because people told him he´s too small to be Governor.

Gov. Chris Christie signed a proclamation to make the twins honorary government officials.
Christie said it sends the right message to youth to consider public service as a job choice.

On Twitter the Governor wrote: "Don´t worry, Jesse, people gave plenty of reasons why I couldn´t be Governor, though being too small wasn´t one of them."

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That´s.. a pretty weird publicity stunt.
  by: velger   04/07/2011 10:47 PM     
  Thats a great thing to do!  
Most people have no clue of the processes that are used in governing, moreover the hierarchy.

By making younger kids feel as though they are part of the process it may start to encourage people to take an active role in governing.

  by: gbestwick   04/07/2011 11:18 PM     
Republicans attempting to indoctrinate children.

Watch the actual full video clip of what Conservative Republican Governor Chris Christie did to the children. Not just what´s in this summary story.

He coached them and talked to them and told them what to say. And then told them TEABAG ´talking points´. And then he staged a press showing of himself with the kids, where tv cameras and news organizations were pre-called in, in order to get film footage of the event for his gain.

Then he posed a series of pre-coached questions to the kids that he had Rehearsed with them, such that when he said things, the children would blurt back the NeoCon teabag talking points he had indoctrinated the children with.


Republican Chris Christie: "What do you want to be?"

Child: "Uhm. A Republican Governor of New joisey!! wee!" clap clap.

Republican Chris Christie: "And if you´re governor you Never do what?"

Child: "uh..........uhm."

Republican Christie: "raise...?"

Child: "Dont waise taxez!" Yayy!! clap clap clap...


Remember: Although all segments have scoundrels, Republicans and Conservatives have a documented high amount of nasty cases of child sexual offenses as well. Republicans tout ´family values´ but have the highest number of child offenders and abnormal sex crime convictions.

Republicans need to keep away from children.
  by: THE ACTUAL STORY   04/08/2011 01:15 PM     
According to California has the most car thefts. Does that mean that people that live in California should not be allowed to have cars?

I´ve read alot of your comments on SN lately, and while a couple times I could see your point (but still disagreed), the majority of the time you blurt crazy stuff like this.

I don´t claim to be a sole republican nor democrat. They both have their screwed up people. But saying that since Republicans have more child molesting cases means Republicans should stay away from children? You sir, usually make yourself sound like a bonehead.
  by: drykul     04/13/2011 08:45 PM     
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