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                 02/23/2018 01:45 AM  
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04/07/2011 10:43 PM ID: 88672 Permalink   

Ridiculously Long Guarachero Boots Gain Popularity in Mexico


Guarachero boots are a new fashion trend in Mexico. The pointy boots are incredibly long and often worn at dance clubs and rodeo parties.

The trend started when the "tribal guarachero" music gained popularity and rodeo festivals were held. Young Mexicans started to wear cowboy boots and then made them longer and pointier.

Skinny jeans are worn to highlight the colourful pointy boots. There are even contests about who has the longest boots. The tribal guarachero fans use carving tools and leather and other marterials to extend their footwear.

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laugh about this but they take it seriously.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     04/08/2011 12:18 PM     
  gotta have fun i guess? : (  
  by: Mannyishere     04/09/2011 11:17 PM     
  A Border Agent´s Dream  
I´m sorry I said that.
  by: Jim8   04/10/2011 06:11 PM     
  Might Be better suited...  
Can see these boots as popular on the ski slopes.
Wouldn´t have to take off your skis.
Can´t imagine dancing in the same room as them though.
  by: tipster     04/13/2011 04:26 PM     
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