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                 01/23/2018 04:34 PM  
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04/12/2011 12:41 AM ID: 88735 Permalink   

Air Pollution Collected Near Freeways Linked to Brain Damage in Mice in Experiment


Scientists who exposed laboratory mice to the type of air pollution found near freeways -- already proven to cause respiratory disease, cancer, heart attacks and premature death -- have now linked such pollutants to brain damage.

Mice exposed for 150 hours spread over 10 weeks showed damage similar to that caused by Alzheimer┬┤s Disease and signs of memory loss. Study senior author Caleb Finch said inhaled particulates appear to affect brain neurons.

The study was inspired by research from Mexico that showed that the brains of accident victims in smoggy Mexico City showed significantly more inflammation and other signs of Alzheimer┬┤s than did those of victims from Veracruz, which has cleaner air.

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  surely, this is old news  
The Lead(Pb) content in the exhaust has always played havoc with brain development, memory and brain development.

It was in documentaries since the 70s.
  by: redstain   04/13/2011 05:09 AM     
I would like to see this study concentrated on drivers who have to drive through long tunnels during rush hour to and from work and see what health problems they have. The exhaust fumes should be the most concentrated in tunnels. IMO
  by: Lurker     04/13/2011 05:23 AM     
Lead was banned from gas decades ago. These particulates are from incompletely burned fuel (NOx gas, various hydrocarbon chains, and, possibly, rubber particles from tires).
  by: No2Son   04/14/2011 03:54 PM     
And also superfine particles of pulverized freeway surface materials.
  by: ben_reilly     04/14/2011 04:48 PM     
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