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                 04/23/2014 08:07 PM  
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04/20/2011 12:46 AM ID: 88858 Permalink   

Six-Year-Old Texas Boy Injures Self and Two Others in Accidental School Shooting


A handgun brought to school by a 6-year-old Houston, TX boy accidentally injured three children after falling out of the boy´s pocket and discharging. The boy was among the injured. None of the injuries were life threatening.

The accidental shooting occurred in the cafeteria of Ross Elementary School around lunch time. Besides the boy in possession of the fire arm, a five-year-old girl and six-year-old boy all sustained injuries to their feet.

Police did not immediately answer questions from the press and referred phone calls to the elementary school´s office. It is unclear if any charges will be pressed.

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these 6 year olds lately really are getting pretty ballsy.

F***. i mean I said this before already today lol

"I Wonder what his parents must be like."
  by: Dr.DiMiTree   04/20/2011 02:03 AM     
he got the weapon from: they should be banned *forever* from owning any type of firearm. what pathetic gun owners.
  by: thefinalwave   04/20/2011 06:19 AM     
  Holy crap!  
The day before the Columine shooting anniversary. Near impeccable timing, kid.
  by: Garbasche   04/20/2011 02:28 PM     
  Some News Magazine Show  
Once did a segment where they asked adults if there was a gun in the house and how safely it was stored. They then asked the kids if there was a gun in the house, where it was hidden, and if they could get to it.

The parents all said things like "It´s on a top shelf in a box out of the kid´s reach." The kids all said, "Well, if you push a chair under the shelf. . ."

They then showed the parents the video of the kids telling of how they play with the guns when the parents aren´t around.

  by: Jim8   04/21/2011 05:56 PM     
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