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                 04/16/2014 09:14 AM  
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04/25/2011 09:44 AM ID: 88938 Permalink   

Woman Spends 6 Years on Making a Dress of Candy Wrappers


A Wisconsin woman has spent 6 years fabricating a prom dress for her daughter. It took so long because she used only Starburst candy wrappers for the dress.

Daughter Tara Frey will wear the dress along with matching heels and a handbag. Her date gets a matching waistcoat also made of candy wrappers.

Tara and her mother collected Starburst wrappers from everywhere they could. They folded each wrapper 8 times and pressed it with tweezers to get the perfect shape.

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Poor guy, but HOLY CRAP! One expensive dress considering time, effort, & pounds gained. SHEESH
  by: dirshma   04/27/2011 05:34 AM     
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