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                 01/21/2018 01:46 PM  
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05/02/2011 08:56 PM ID: 89101 Permalink   

President Obama Watched bin Laden Raid Live Via Helmet Cam


In operations such as the one that killed Osama bin Laden, soldiers and pilots often wear helmets with cameras that relay live video to situation room screens. President Obama watched the raid via such a feed, a source says.

Obama´s reaction was said to be "We got him" by John Brennan, the U.S. head of counterterrorism, in a press conference.

While the video will likely never be officially released, anything´s possible in the age of WikiLeaks.

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  Why do I get this feeling of arrogance?  
Doesn´t Obama think that the families should have a right even before him to see the footage.

There will be speculations of been a set up! They have let war criminals go before the lack of transparency is not gaining the worlds respect or trust!
  by: captainJane     05/02/2011 09:09 PM     
Sorry, but..What are you babbling about?

Your whole post was incoherant.
  by: DRHunk     05/02/2011 09:17 PM     
  its BS  
if there was a video then just like the others they would of shown it .. like saddam and his sons .. they never got a fast burial either being muslim or whatever .. but when something like this happens they show it .. they are probably working of a fake vid to rls to the public ..
  by: key2000     05/02/2011 09:52 PM     
How long did they wait until they buried Saddam?

I´m hoping they do release the video though, it´s be sure to take over from susan boyle or rebecca black or whatever has the most hits on youtube.

So why do you think they´d make a fake vid?
  by: jamesmc   05/02/2011 10:11 PM     
  They´re not going to show the video  
on the off chance that one of our guys could be identified by terrorists.

This was undoubtedly the result of an undercover operation, and there are people who helped us find bin Laden who are now huge enemies to al Qaeda -- not to mention the actual soldiers who carried out the raid. There may very well be other things in the video that the U.S. military doesn´t want the terrorists (or others) to know we can do.

Finally, President Obama commands the U.S. military. It was every bit as appropriate for him to view the live feed as it would be for any general or other military commander.
  by: ben_reilly     05/02/2011 10:24 PM     
Absolutely correct. Nobody has said it yet but we will likely never be allowed to know the names of the men in that assault. Their lives and the lives of their families would forever be compromised.

[ edited by VermiciousG ]
  by: VermiciousG     05/03/2011 12:54 AM     
  @ben and deliciousG  
On the money.

One of my best buddies is an intelligence officer for the army rangers. He´s been involved in missions which earned his entire battalion medals, which were awarded in a windowless room, shown to each member of the battalion and promptly sealed in their cases and removed from their presence.

The idea of being a sneaky, covert, specialized unit is that you´re sneaky, covert and specialized. We will never know who went into that compound and we´re better off for it. Why shine a spotlight on our best people lurking in the shadows, getting things done?

But, to whoever popped Bin Laden in the head...congrats dude! Seriously, can you imagine how psyched the guy was that put that bastard down?!

[ edited by zirschky ]
  by: zirschky     05/03/2011 01:16 AM     
  @ ben  
is there and picture out there of him shot up taken with this helmet cam?

i mean they did it with the hussein boys
  by: Devil Duck     05/03/2011 01:17 AM     
  There´s a picture  
of Obama and his security brass watching the operation. It doesn´t show any of the operation, though, just the team reacting to what they´re seeing. It´s pretty dramatic -- Hillary Clinton in particular communicates a lot with her body language in the photo.
  by: ben_reilly     05/03/2011 01:34 AM     
Is that John Lithgow standing behind the brass?!?!?! I´m not even joking folks. Take a look!!!!!

[ edited by zirschky ]
  by: zirschky     05/03/2011 01:52 AM     
  I Believe It Is  
Circa 3rd Rock Lithgow.
  by: VermiciousG     05/03/2011 01:59 AM     
"That´s" the situation room? Man, West Wing´s was so much cooler.
  by: VermiciousG     05/03/2011 02:09 AM     
That´s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.
  by: caution2     05/03/2011 06:36 AM     
This just in...joke ruined by you :)
  by: zirschky     05/03/2011 07:26 AM     
They could blur the soldiers in the video so they can not be recognised.
Though I doubt they would ever show it. It would be a military secret and also it would offend people.
They may not even have recorded it. Obama watched a ´live feed´.
  by: MalcolmB   05/03/2011 02:32 PM     
Until weeks later when they realize that a shiny pot in the kitchen caught the reflection of a name tag or some overlooked vocal operational secret was overlooked on the audio. It´s just not worth the risk but I guarantee it was recorded.
  by: VermiciousG     05/03/2011 03:38 PM     
  Don´t know  
If he is dead or not. Seeing is believing but I surely hope he is. As far as not showing the video or at least have a few pictures of Bin laden so as not to reveal the identity of the seals I find that hard to believe. Here is a picture of a Navy Seal.. Can you tell me how you could possibly tell me who this is??
  by: hellblazer     05/03/2011 06:35 PM     
Don´t forget. They have dossier´s on our people too. They may lack the sophistication to analyze voices with computers but that kind of talent can be bought. Yes I know. That´s far fetched but it´s still possible and it´s still not worth the risk to satisfy a bunch of conpiradors.

<I just made up a new word. Can anyone guess which one it is?>

[ edited by VermiciousG ]
  by: VermiciousG     05/03/2011 08:13 PM     
If bin Laden´s not really dead, don´t you figure he´ll probably release a video to that effect before too long?

Side note for those who are curious -- a colleague of mine tweeted that this guy was part of the planning team on the raid:
  by: ben_reilly     05/03/2011 08:14 PM     
  Whilst I believe he is dead..  
theoretically, if he was still alive it wouldn´t make any sense to release a video just like that. It´s much better to be in hiding, make sure there is some type of attack and then release a video. It doesn´t make sense for bad guys to let the cops know that you´re still on the run.
  by: Kaleid   05/03/2011 08:48 PM     
It does if you want to embarrass the hell out of your enemy. He´s a terrorist not a bank robber.

I think he´s dead to but if he is alive he´s in the only prison cell in a prison that doesn´t exist on any map and probably can´t be seen from space and he´ll be there for the rest of his life.
  by: VermiciousG     05/03/2011 08:56 PM     
  @ V  
Don´t you agree that stying in hiding would make his job all the easier. If no one is looking for him even..
  by: Kaleid   05/03/2011 08:58 PM     
If he was still alive, nothing could keep him from rubbing the U.S.´s face in the fact that we crowed to the world that we´d gotten him only to not really have gotten him.

In fact, if I had been him, I would have made some videos to be released after my death claiming that I was still alive just to screw with people. He´d have to know what the circumstances of his death would be, he could just put out:

Tape A: "The bombing was unsuccessful ..."

Tape B: "The raid was unsuccessful ..."

Tape C: "The attempt to poison me was unsuccessful ..."

  by: ben_reilly     05/03/2011 09:18 PM     
  We should have pot Osama ´s head  
on a pike, in front of the White House. Let it say there until all of the flesh rots away. Then put it in the Smithsonian.
  by: walter3ca   05/04/2011 05:01 AM     
What ben said.

@walter: what the hell´s the matter with you? You slow or somethin´. Do I have to make you embarrassed to speak like i did to HWH here?...

You´re flat out silly.
  by: VermiciousG     05/04/2011 05:24 AM     
heres me thinkin he was living in a second hand spider hole he got from saddam
  by: acutefurball   05/05/2011 05:37 AM     
  since we can not see screens  
are you sure they are not watching spiderman?
  by: shannon853   05/05/2011 02:57 PM     
I happen to know that the president has seen Spiderman at lest 6 times. No way it could still hold his attention that effectively.
  by: VermiciousG     05/05/2011 03:40 PM     
well considering hes blamed for murdering thousands of people i think he threw all his rights to humanity out the freaking window.

Wasn´t it disrespectful of him to fly a freaking 747 into the world trade center?
  by: TheDeeder   05/09/2011 10:47 PM     
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