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                 07/31/2015 11:24 AM  
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07/31/2015 11:12 AM
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05/05/2011 01:35 PM ID: 89157 Permalink   

Groom Left Hanging at Altar Sues Runaway Bride


A man in Italy says he has filed a lawsuit against his bride for leaving him at the altar. His fiancee reportedly bailed on him because she is in love with another man.

Now he demands $743,000 compensation as he "had suffered emotional and material damages" after the incident.

Local media reports that "Riccardo" was already in he church when his fiancee´s brother told him she wouldn´t come.

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  I hope he wins too  
Especially if he paid for the services out of his own pocket.

But he should look at the bright side. At least he didnt marry her. Then she wouldnt have taken not just the money he spent on the wedding but literally half or more of all his worldly possessions!
  by: slavefortheman     05/05/2011 08:47 PM     
If your brother new you were not coming to the wedding it means you knew you were not in love with him well enough in advance. So yeah, you are getting sued..
  by: Allanthar     05/05/2011 10:45 PM     
  I hope he wins  
That lady let the side down!
  by: captainJane     05/05/2011 11:50 PM     
  ON what legal grounds...  
although I agree she took him for a ride and ought to pay his costs, I do not believe there are too many legal rulings giving him a carte-blanche win!

[ edited by torontochap ]
  by: torontochap   05/06/2011 06:18 AM     
is a wonder that that girl is still alive.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     05/06/2011 12:57 PM     
they will find a legal connection. She broke the guys heart and cost him more than he could afford to lose. She needs putting straight. I say she should foot the whole bill.
  by: captainJane     05/06/2011 01:58 PM     
Not in America though. Here in the states if she is found to have been cheating she gets the boot only.
  by: jediman3     05/06/2011 04:11 PM     
to a lot of people (and judges), an engagement ring is a contract
  by: syoware   05/06/2011 04:39 PM     
  she seems nice  
lik slave said. if she was a mean persono shed marry, and divorce for all his stuff

if you can afforrd a 3/4 million dollar wedding- u have enouh money to not be too hurt by it.

if you´r poor and spend that much - yyou´re too stupid to deserve that much money anyway.
  by: thedeeder   05/07/2011 03:43 PM     
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