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                 02/23/2018 01:17 PM  
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05/21/2011 05:34 PM ID: 89406 Permalink   

Amanda Knox Insists She Is Innocent, Calls Prison "Frustrating"


American student Amanda Knox, who currently serves a prison term in Italy for killing her roommate Meredith Kercher, calls prison "frustrating and mentally exhausting".

The 23-year-old, who was sentenced to 26 years in prison, once more protested her innocence in court.

"I don´t want to spend my whole life in prison as an innocent," she said in an appeal hearing. Forensic specialists will have another 40 days to review the evidence against her.

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  <deep breath>  
My cousin [who was just here] used to own a chain of travel agencies. This topic kinda came up but he said the worst part of his job was to see a fat guy walk into his office looking for a plane ticket. He had to tell the people, that chair you can´t fit into? Same size as an airplane seat: two tickets for you Fat Boy. And this week we saw the two fat women pissed at South West for "humiliating" them by saying.... Two Tickets For You.

Second worst was young men going to Thailand. He finally starting asking them if they´ve seen the movie Midnight Express. Then there were the young idealists who thought going to a foreign country was the same as going to a friends house.

I do feel sorry for this young woman but hey, I have family in Hawaii. If you get into a traffic accident there with Local Boy, you Mr Tourist are in the wrong no matter what and if you get pulled over in a road side check with even the SMALLEST hint of booze - you´re SKI - ROOED. Your car is impounded [rental!], you go to the Cop Shop to blow, you wait and blow again - they put you through the wringer.

Now you´re a Rich American in a foreign country. Merkun laws don´t apply ~there~. I do feel sorry for this young woman.
  by: mcink2   05/22/2011 01:06 AM     
  and this is why  
I won´t travel outside of the US. I´m skeered.

[ edited by John E Angel ]
  by: John E Angel     05/22/2011 05:00 AM     
And this is why i dont travel to the US, I am skeered.
  by: kmazzawi     05/22/2011 03:56 PM     
i´d be more worried about traveling to the US then from it.. anything to get the hell out of there... mind you, i´m not going there cause im skeered too.
  by: itts   05/22/2011 06:33 PM     
Yep me too, I don´t want to be tazered for jay walking.
  by: veya_victaous     05/23/2011 12:37 AM     
  It all seems to be better outside the US  
The world seemed to be to be better outside the US than inside it. Of course many of the problems that consume americans are starting to creep up in other parts of the world. Rampant material lust I think is one of the biggest problems that is killing America and it is starting to infect the rest of the world as well.

I think its good this girl got what she deserves. She killed someone and she needs to be held accountable for her actions. Just because in the US, nobody feels responsible for anything, doesnt mean she can get a free ride when she is outside the US.

I personally enjoy seeing someone be served by true justice.
  by: slavefortheman     05/23/2011 02:14 PM     
  another reason to hate america  
So my buddy is driving down University Blvd near Tempe AZ. I´m in the passenger seat (riding shotgun if you will). My buddy drives a mitsubishi eclipse, a new one, sits very low to the ground. If anyone´s ever been to AZ, you´ll recall how everyone´s windows in the vehicles are blacked out, simply because it gets so hot in the summer. This crazy lady in a honda civic pulls out from a red light, making a right hand turn, NO turn signal, and we damn near hit her from behind (going through the green light, straight). My buddy, as he just spilled his QT gut buster from, QT, all over the floor and the cup flew near the car pedals in the floor. Furious, my friend opens the sun roof, and proceeds to give this woman the 1980´s middle finger. I mean, there are middle fingers, then there are the 80´s middle fingers, where you lay your palm parralel to the horizon and curl all fingers up, and extend the middle finger up, and the thumb outwards. It was a good throwback to how we give birds in the 80´s. So as we pass this idiot woman who cannot seem to be able to look both ways, he gives her the finger through the sun roof again, and along we go. 3 traffic lights later, and this honda civic comes flying past us, going well over the speed limit, she pulls in front of us, and proceeds to brake check us. Instead of just brake checking us, she stops in the middle of 5 oclock traffic, and gets out of her car, she runs behind my buddies car and proceeds to scribble down some junk in a note pad, then walks past us, flips us the bird, gets back in her car and drives away, running a red light I might add. We didn´t really think anything of it, till the cops knocked on my buddies house on friday. That lady, that almost caused an 11 car pile up for not using a turn signal and cutting us off, that received the 1980´s middle finger from my friend, apparently called the police, grabbed a lawyer and said that the driver was "masturbating" furiously at her the entire time, and was pressing his genetalia up against the window as we drove by her. Now, i´m at a bit of a loss of words, but my buddies car is a manual car, masturbating and driving a manual car? Sir you have more eye/hand coordination than Neal Pert from Rush (the drummer). As well as this lady must have been granted x-ray vision as mostly all cars in AZ have blacked out tinted windows, this includes the windshield as well. My buddy laughed apparently in the faces of the cops, because obviously this is a giant lie, but they cuffed him and took him to jail this weekend anyhow. What i´m still coming to terms with is the fact that a woman, in her late 30´s early 40´s can lie to a bunch of police officers and get a lawyer to boot, about something that happened. And instead of the police doing some sort of a formal investigation, like getting evidence from traffic lights, auto magically assume that this lady is telling the truth. My friend is in serious trouble now, and he faces charges of being put on the official sex-offender website and all that junk. He could get fired, he could lose his job, hell he might even end up in jail for some odd amount of years, just because some half blind woman who cannot drive correctly got pissed that he gave her the finger.

Justice isn´t served in America, and because it can be perverted to this magnitude, I would gladly welcome any laws that to the point like what poor Amanda Knox just found out....
  by: meshuggahfan   05/23/2011 05:16 PM     
  @ Meshuggahfan  
Explain to me why your eye-witness testimony will have no effect? Why have you not gone to the police and made a statement? Why has your friend´s lawyer not demanded a full investigation? Why do you think the authorities are keen to prosecute an obviously flawed case?

I´m sorry I don´t mean to offend but I think you´re full of it!

As for Amanda Knox, I hope the murdering bitch serves the full 26 years. Every last hour of it. She would still be getting off easy.
  by: billycan   05/27/2011 05:02 AM     
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