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                 05/30/2015 12:29 PM  
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05/30/2011 12:13 PM ID: 89516 Permalink   

Virgin Galactic Promotes Space Tourism With Flight Video of SpaceShipTwo


SpaceShipTwo is the first spaceship which is open for space tourists. The spaceship belongs to the Virgin Galactic Group, which released a video of SpaceShipTwo´s test flight earlier this month to promote space tourism.

In the video, the commercial spaceship departs almost vertically from its mother ship VMS Eve. This manoeuver is called "feather configuration" and was made over the Mojave Desert in the first week of May.

At a height of 51,500 feet, SpaceShipTwo separated from VMS Eve, performed a 65-dregree turn and dropped 15,500 feet per minute. After 75 seconds it straightened up and landed after 11 minutes.
The first commercial passengers are expected for 2012.

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what´s the margin for error? :-/
  by: key2000     05/31/2011 12:19 AM     
  You know  
People are going to die, until they fix the kinks. If people are well versed in knowing they are going up while taking a big risk, should we stop them from going up? We have safety measures that are forever being broken by driving... should we ban driving for the same thing? Just wondering how these bad things that will happen will have a damper on the future of space travel?
  by: nimira     05/31/2011 05:41 AM     
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