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                 02/26/2018 04:27 AM  
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05/30/2011 12:49 PM ID: 89518 Permalink   

British Man Is Addicted to Sausages


47-year-old David Harding from Britain is addicted to sausages. He has started a therapy to get rid of his strange addiction.

Harding says he spends around $1,150 on sausages per year, and eats at least one, up to 13, a day - each day since he was 5 years old.

After an argument with his wife because she cooked something different than sausages one day, he realised that he was addicted and spent $3,100 on therapy so far. However, he says he is still as addicted as has ever been.

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  Great he realized it  
... But how the frak does it take (all HHGTTG references autorejected) 42 years to realize your addicted to sausage?
  by: LykosSN4   05/30/2011 03:56 PM     
  And exactly  
what´s wrong with this?

The guy likes sausages, so what? 1k$ a year for a particular type of food is nothing insane.
  by: jhax   05/30/2011 04:23 PM     
absolutely, for example I probably spend even more on coffee per year considering i buy 3 x-large a day at $2 each. Multiply that by the number of workdays, plus the coffees i buy at home, different grinds, grinders, several different types of coffee maker, and this guy´s addiction will look like a cheap hobby compared to what I spend.
  by: kmazzawi     05/30/2011 04:32 PM     
man realizes he is addicted to sausage..
  by: joshjje   05/30/2011 04:36 PM     
  So he loves sausage...  
Maybe...if he limited himself to one sausage per meal...heh.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   05/30/2011 06:19 PM     
  I could easily be addicted to Lorne sausages.  
  by: MalcolmB   05/30/2011 07:45 PM     
  Addicted to Sausages  
sounds sorta suggestive to me :-D
  by: key2000     05/31/2011 12:08 AM     
  A sausage  
in a tortilla, some bbq sauce [a strip of bacon....] MEXI-DOGS!

No Mystery Meat! We haven´t eaten hot dogs in 12 years.

[ edited by mcink2 ]
  by: mcink2   05/31/2011 03:23 AM     
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