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                 02/23/2018 11:04 PM  
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06/06/2011 09:42 PM ID: 89624 Permalink   

Apple: CEO Steve Jobs Shares Details on iCloud


"We are going to move the digital hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud," Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced Apple´s Internet-based media service iCloud at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Franciso.

Jobs gave an insight into the free service, which is going to replace the online services and software MobileMe.

According to Jobs, iTunes in the iCloud enables users to download media to 10 devices at no charge. This means that Songs or apps bought on a mobile device will automatically be available on other devices as well.

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  apple is evil  
  by: syoware   06/07/2011 04:57 AM     
  @ syoware  
So? Depending on your point of view, which big corporation or organisation isn´t?

OMG! We live in an evil world... what was that about spelling live backwards.

Just go with the flow, and cause as little harm to others as you can... and if manage to actively do some good along the way, even better!
  by: MouseJunkie     06/07/2011 11:57 AM     
  I just want to stab people in the face  
I tell them about the death factories in china where people were killing themselves because of Apples greed. Then they go right out and buy a fucking iPad! I just want to scream. These same people say how they are good decent people and support green technologies, they want a free Tibet, yet they go buy an ipad right after I tell them these stories.

People, especially American people are infected with a very bad case of Materialism and it is highly contagious. The sad part is they dont even know it. The ones that call themselves Liberal and think they care about other people are just as stupid and greedy.

Many people exchanged their souls for cheap plastic crap manufactured in China...
  by: slavefortheman     06/07/2011 01:53 PM     
  Apple´s new customers: iDiots  
Actually, I don´t care if Apple is evil. I don´t particularly care if they have slave labor. I´m not really going to fault a person for owning an Apple product but I certainly am never going to buy one. And the reason for that is Apple´s pretentious, "we know you better than you" attitude and their fervid unwillingness to let you treat your product as if you actually own it (e.g. change parts, upgrade, alter, etc).
  by: opinionated   06/07/2011 03:20 PM     
Not to mention they are consumer whores. They are slaves to the brand. Steve Jobs can take a pile of dog crap and stick silver apple logo on it and the stupid sheep would pay hundreds of dollars to own it. I am reading the rumors that iPhone 5 will still only be 3g. If that is the case I guarantee people will flock to this pile of garbage that is 2 years behind the times. Not only that, but they will think they are superior to everyone else because they paid 5x as much for their inferior product as other for a superior product.

Reminds me of lemmings.
  by: slavefortheman     06/07/2011 03:54 PM     
Can anyone reading the comments or posting here claim to be free of what users of Apple products are accused of? From the Foxconn Wiki page (ok...reliability of Wikipedia is questionable):
Foxconn clients include:
Apple Inc.
Acer Inc.
Sony Ericsson

I don´t know anything about other manufacturers and who is using who. But my guess is there are a lot more who deserve to be bashed if it´s done with Apple and their customers.
  by: MouseJunkie     06/07/2011 04:06 PM     
I totally agree. Many corporations are pretty vile in how they treat people. I have a hard time because I cant shop at many stores without hating myself. GAP is another good example. Apple fans just stick out like a sore thumb a lot more because of exactly how opinionated pointed out. They just think they are better than everyone around them... They always give off this vibe of superiority.

The sad part is when you see these people buying these products, most dont even need them or have a clue as to the products full potential. IE: They buy an ipad for the sheer sake of buying it. Not to use it to take notes or read eboods. The biggest thing they do is maybe check their email and play angry birds. They are true slaves of the products they buy. They dont own the products, the products own them.
  by: slavefortheman     06/07/2011 05:40 PM     
  Apple Bashing  
First off, I am not an Apple fanboy. The only Apple product I own is an iPhone and I will probably keep getting them for a few simple reasons.

1: Every year I get a new phone (for a fee and a new contract)and can sell my old one for more than I paid for the new one.

2: Everything that was on my old phone is on my new phone with no hassle. Don´t need to buy apps or set up contacts, put on music, organize stuff, etc...

3: Same adapters and cords so no new crap to buy every time I get a new phone.

4: Almost everyone I know has an iPhone so we can play games and use apps together.

5: It´s basically a laptop with a phone attached that fits in my pocket.

I will agree that a lot of people buy Apple stuff to be ´cool´ but the same can be said for almost any brand of anything. Go bash the idiots who think their worth is derived from their possessions, not the company who makes the products. At least with Apple you get something of worth out of it.
  by: Rakulus   06/07/2011 07:21 PM     
The problem is most people are not like you. They will buy it simply as a status symbol. I know a girl that bought an iPad and the only thing she does with it is log into facebook... Essentially a $600 facebook app in her case.

I myself plan on buying a tablet soon but I have reasons other than purchasing it to be "cool". I go to a lot of corporate meetings and it would be nice to not have to lug around 100 page long documents and have a tablet instead that can do it. Also be able to take my notes and keep track of my to-do list. Not to mention be able to get away from bookstores. Finally I will use it to do my school work remotely without having to lug my laptop with me everywhere.

Basically 2 kinds of people. The kind of people that use the device as a product. Then there are the kinds of people that buy it because they are slaves to consumerism.

Its not really about Apple at all. It just happens that Apple has a large base of materialist gluttons over other companies. Its really a disease if you ask my opinion. A large majority of the population or far more concerned with their wants instead of their needs. And these wants compete with their friends making them want even more.
  by: slavefortheman     06/07/2011 07:30 PM     
Here is a good documentary on the above discussions:
The Century of the Self^

This covers how marketing and advertising has changed over the last century to get people to convert from a productive driven society to a consumer driven society.
  by: slavefortheman     06/07/2011 07:47 PM     
You do make a valid point. Increased disposable incomes and easily available credit have exacerbated the problem as well. Western culture as a whole has perpetuated this and I don´t think things are going to change any time soon. We just need to get to these people´s money before someone else does I guess.
  by: Rakulus   06/07/2011 08:10 PM     
LOL Yeah that sounds like a good plan to me! Just need to figure out a way for them to hand it over to me. If I could just invent the next big Xmas item I would be set for life.

I think though that consumerism and materialism have created a society where greed is now the accepted norm. Not only that but it can probably be linked to the massacres of the past century as well. With the rise or corporatism and fascism and the fall of communism. Even the last major "communist" nation has gone the way of greed and materialism. Ideologies have been replaced with products.

I think it is almost inevitable that the future of mankind will be ruled by corporations. I would not be surprised to see actual corporate leadership structures replace the models we have had for government within the next century some time.
  by: slavefortheman     06/08/2011 01:40 PM     
I truly hope you wake up tomorrow with no job, house, money, family, or food - just for a day - and see how you like "going with the flow" for a little while.
  by: darkshanker   06/09/2011 01:08 AM     
I own both an iPad and an iPhone, but gosh I agree with you when it comes to most people. I know a guy who bought an iPad to do just that: play angry birds and surf facebook. The funny thing is that he´s too cheap to purchase the iPad version of angry birds, so it looks crappy and pixelated when blown up.

I do a lot of traveling and photography so the iPad makes sense for me. It´s thin so it doesn´t take much space in my backpack (I fly a lot of budget airlines in Europe so every inch counts with them, in before that´s what she said). Also, it´s nice to have the 3G capability during those long train rides instead of having to use an expensive dongle (prepaid sims are the way to go). Lastly, when photographing in the field, it´s really nice to be able to pull out the iPad and look at a picture on the bigger screen without having to lug out a laptop.

The iPhone is useful just because it´s easy to unlock and use on foreign carriers, and that combined with the huge library of travel apps makes it a great travel companion. There are a lot of great Droids out there, but hardly any decent ones are on a SIM based carrier.

All of that said, I know I´m in the minority when it comes to Apple products. I know SO many people who buy it just for the looks. They can be powerful devices if one knows how to take advantage of what they offer, but most idiots don´t give a crap and buy it for the logo.
  by: datsuncaptain1     06/09/2011 10:45 AM     
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