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                 01/18/2018 12:43 PM  
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06/08/2011 05:40 AM ID: 89638 Permalink   

American Man Threatens With Gun at Kids Party


Mr Joseph Hayes, 48 of Memphis, Tennessee, will face court after being arrested because he took a gun to a child´s birthday party where his children didn´t get cake and ice-cream.

Police report that Mr Hayes was angry that his children did not get any sweets at the party, so he went home, got his gun and went back to the party, threatening the host. Mr Hayes was quoted "Y´all didn´t save my kids no damn ice cream and cake."

He has been arrested on a charge of aggravated assault and is held on a $30,000 bond. He denies having a gun and said he just had an object that looked like a gun in his pants.

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  Gun Control  
Gun Control is needed, because for every responsible gun owner, there is this guy.

An Armed society, is a bat-sh!t insanely aggressive society.

ohh wait.. An Armed Society is a polite society, so ya´d better give me kids some cake or I´ll cap ya ass.
  by: veya_victaous     06/08/2011 05:45 AM     
  @ Gun Control  
Umm wouldnt it be (Objects that Look Like Guns)control?

  by: Harris1138   06/08/2011 05:53 AM     
  as if  
as if gun control could have prevented this :-D
  by: key2000     06/08/2011 07:01 AM     
Same thing happens in countries (where guns are illegal) all the time but they threaten (and kill) with axes and machetes or even cars.
People in general are irrational and emotion I say hand out guns and lets get this population problem under control.

only kidding. I think guns should only be handed out in countries where the people want to overthrow their governemtn
  by: shaohu     06/08/2011 09:32 AM     

@shaohu: Your funny man. That whole post was magic. Well except for the first sentence, that was sad.
  by: nimira     06/08/2011 12:22 PM     
Will there be cake and ice cream at this revolution you speak of?
  by: Garbasche   06/08/2011 02:25 PM     
  Meme time!  
He should have known...

Puts on sunglasses...

The cake is a lie.

[ edited by opinionated ]
  by: opinionated   06/08/2011 03:46 PM     
  So if this guy brandished a knife  
then it would be okay and you wouldnt care? But since its a gun, its suddenly different.

Gun control isnt the problem. Its sensationalism that seems to be the big issue here.
  by: slavefortheman     06/08/2011 03:58 PM     
That´s a typical NRA, 2nd Amendment-loving Republican voter. They have very few live brain cells.
  by: Lurker     06/08/2011 04:42 PM     
You sir cannot comment on what I am or am not. I have never once voted for a republican in my life nor will I ever unless Ron Paul perhaps made the ballot. I always vote Green, Libertarian, and sometimes even Socialist.

Guns are needed to ensure that our rights are never sacrificed. Even a meager 3% of the population being armed could cause the government to rethink how it deals with its population. An armed population is a good way of keeping the government from devolving into a total police state. Its still very possible that it can happen but having an armed population ensures that we have a possible solution.
  by: slavefortheman     06/08/2011 05:17 PM     
If you don´t agree with YOUR second amendment right, there´s the door. Tell Canada I say hello, eh.

(Before you go there, I´ve never voted for a republican either, nor am I a member of the NRA. I do own 1 glock 19. Oh and most of my braincells are still alive and doing quite well. 4.0 college student, that actually has street smarts being that I grew up on the streets of Detroit. So go shove that stereotype somewhere else ;) )

[ edited by tizubythefizo ]
  by: tizubythefizo   06/08/2011 09:18 PM     
Yes, because feeling that its necessary to own a handgun is a sure way to show off your intelligence
  by: darkshanker   06/09/2011 12:52 AM     
doctors kill over 120,000 every year. gun owners kill 1,500. your far safer with a gun owner then your doctor! we need doctor control!!!
  by: shannon853   06/09/2011 04:18 AM     
Guns are just a penis substitute.
  by: Lurker     06/09/2011 05:30 AM     
you lived in UK. You would see how little gun control helps. Thugs have the guns and knifes as we remain defenceless!
  by: captainJane     06/09/2011 06:04 AM     
If you lived in my neighborhood, you would have a gun too. At least a shotgun. Damn junkies keep burning down houses. Up to 5 now over the last 4 years gone up in smoke because they were running meth labs. The neighborhood watch and police are reporting at least a break-in every month within my subdivision.

The police are useless. All they are good for is filing papers on how they murdered you. A security system and gun is my only answer.

The worst part for me is this. I can actually afford to live in a much nicer place and better neighborhood. The problem is that I am stuck because the housing market sucks so bad and nobody wants to buy. So in other words, Im boned unless I let the bank take this thing... That in itself creates more problems.
  by: slavefortheman     06/09/2011 02:30 PM     
Security system? You have rottweilers too? They work great. [EDIT] Short sale your house. Investors are buying properties left and right and it is expected to continue for at least a year.

[ edited by Garbasche ]
  by: Garbasche   06/09/2011 02:50 PM     
I hate dogs. An ok security system works fine for me. Almost all the houses around me have had break-ins in the last 2 years except for me. Anyone comes through a window or door, besides the alarms going off, they will be looking like a wiffle ball after I pump 30 rounds from my AR15 into them.

I could short sale but only if I wanted to lose $80-100k... Trust me I tried to short sell it but people wanted literally pennies on the dollar for it. I would be better off just abandoning it and letting the bank foreclosing. I would lose almost the same amount. I have checked several of the houses in the neighborhood that have sold and several that have foreclosed. They almost all were about the same price.

I have no problem paying my mortgage so I am just holding off as long as possible till I find a way out. I am actually thinking of just renting it and taking a hit of a couple hundred $$$ per month on the mortgage. Then I can get out of here. The down side is worrying about fixing it up and renters destroying it.
  by: slavefortheman     06/09/2011 03:49 PM     
  @ veya_victaous  
Thats what the British said just before invading America starting the revolutionary war.

Hitler also said that in 1939 when he took control of germany making is a NAZI NATION.

  by: smgordon1259   06/09/2011 06:20 PM     
  @All of you squabblers  
Believe it or not, as time goes on, and technology increases, your average Joe is going to have access to more and more powerful technology.

Even if weapons in any form or fashion were outlawed, they´d still be createable, or other things would become dual purposed.

I believe education and more definitive punishments for abuse/violent crimes would do far more in the way of fixing these types of problems than slitting each others throat over who can or can´t have a gun.

In regards to America and gun control.. there´s a rather large chunk of our country in the south where that education would come in handy... and in regards to punishment.. as soon as one of the wanna be thuggers seen their friends flayed alive on public television, they´d probably reconsider gang banging as the hip thing to do.
  by: Pyronius     06/09/2011 07:17 PM     
Nice how you threw in "American" into the title. Good slant to it. Leave your opinion at the door for the articles. Save it for the comment section.
  by: jstern   06/09/2011 09:14 PM     
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