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                 12/16/2017 02:05 PM  
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06/19/2011 11:00 PM ID: 89792 Permalink   

Israeli Official Beats a Minor Into Confession


It has been alleged by the Palestinian Prisoner Society that Israeli investigators have cruelly maltreated a sixteen-year-old boy, Osama Shousha from Bethlehem. Following the assaults he was charged for throwing stones.

In an effort to extract a confession one official held Shousha down, tied and blindfolded him then placed his foot on the boy’s neck. Next he turned him upside down, beating him on the head several times. Osama lost consciousness.

PPS claims that Etzion prison has become a “slaughterhouse” according to the torture endured reviled detainees. Israeli prisons have recently increased its abuse of prisoners using humiliation and excessive disciplinary measures.

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  Put down as Israel but Palestine...  
should be in our drop down menu too!
  by: captainJane     06/19/2011 11:03 PM     
Israel is killing their people! NATO has to start a civil war there now!
  by: H. W. Hutchins   06/19/2011 11:14 PM     
forefathers did that years ago. @Hutchins.

  by: captainJane     06/19/2011 11:27 PM     
  The Promise...  
  by: captainJane     06/19/2011 11:33 PM     
  We Lost The High Road When Bush´s Regime  
Authorized torture. Yes its torture no matter what the flunky John Yoo wrote in his legal memo that gave Bush and his gang a pseudo-cover that has since been thrown in the trash can as "Toady" legal toilet paper.
No Obama does not get a walk on this either, his regimes refusal to hold the torturers accountable under the law puts him in the same toilet as Bush.

We can not tell Israel that they are wrong without them pointing their finger at us and asking what made us a beacon of light. We sold our soul in fear and will pay for it for years. For once I agree with John McCain.
  by: ichi     06/19/2011 11:47 PM     
I see your point on holding the guilty to account! As you will know this much about me, having those guilty put on trail is my dream!

But let us face the facts here, we are talking about one man up against all of those corrupt bigots, having to deal with wars that are erupting today.

Now he should be held to account yes, but you really can´t expect everything to be dealt with fairly right now and All in a the space of how long? Look at the amount of years Bush Blair and their dirty snakes had to build these divides.

When these wars hopefully simmer down, maybe then we will see things turn on these criminals. I am hoping to see more from the top held to account the world over including those out to pasture in luxury, like Cheney poor heart for instance.
  by: captainJane     06/20/2011 12:27 AM     
  ^^^ Until Then  
  by: ichi     06/20/2011 01:26 AM     
  Until then...  
Let us hope we can all personally keep away from danger that keeps on escalating. Wars that could potentially, reach our own front doors. @Ichi

On The Palestinian plight, here is hoping that Obama and other leaders have learned through past mistakes by proving this with their actions" Hopefully cutting lose their ties with the obviously corrupt sharks that Bush, Blair and other cronies have dealt with in the past decade!

There are enough Israelis wanting compromise’s to be made and a fairness for all. Time these moles were side stepped, ignored even after being humiliated for the crimes they permitted or encouraged. And no, we can’t bring them to justice either, because we need to move forward and that will only mislead the real goals. So how would our leaders be able go about that little plan. Any ideas?

I won’t hold my breath, judging by ichi’s last reply.

My point being, deal with what needs to be dealt with right now. Later laws can be changed that would be in the ideal world!
  by: captainJane     06/20/2011 04:10 PM     
  put the dude  
that beat the kid in the ring with Bob Sapp, PPV money maker as bob will more than likely stomp on the man´s face until he´s dead. We can all take bets on what round will the official get knocked out, or worse, get hit so hard he dies instantly (Bob Sapp weighs ~ 330 lbs, and to say he´s fat is just too hilarious).
  by: meshuggahfan   06/20/2011 04:16 PM     
  Netanyahu stressed...  
they may start war to get protesters off the streets...
  by: captainJane     07/30/2011 09:17 PM     
  That would make...  
that Government look as out of control as Gadaffi or any other over zealous dictator.
  by: captainJane     07/30/2011 09:19 PM     
  This happens all the time and goes unreported  
Chomsky in several of his books mentions this sort of thing. I remember vividly in one book where he mentioned how they broke the arms of a 9 year old boy for throwing rocks at a tank...

Who are the real terrorists now?
  by: slavefortheman     01/07/2012 05:42 AM     
  It is amazing...  
how the Israel´s are trying to make themselves the hero´s of today in the Syrian conflict. By doing exactly what they have wanted to do for years, which is to attack on Iran.

By all means bar the Iranians way into Syria but please do not bomb the people living within Iran.

  by: captainJane     09/08/2012 12:14 PM     
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