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                 02/22/2018 02:08 AM  
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07/04/2011 04:22 PM ID: 89990 Permalink   

Bautista´s 27th HR of Season Helps Jays Avoid Sweep Against Phillies


The Toronto Blue Jays played their eighty-fifth regular season game yesterday and won 7-4 against the Philadelphia Phillies in Toronto. Cliff Lee pitched for the Phillies, while Octavio Dotel pitched for the Blue Jays.

Victorino, Francisco, Brown and Ruiz got a run each for the Phillies. Bautista and Davis got 2 runs each and Thames, Lind and Encarnacion got a run each for the Blue Jays.

The Phillies will travel to Florida to play the Marlins in a 3-game series starting July 4th, while the Blue Jays will travel to Boston to play the Red Sox in a 3-game series also starting July 4th.

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