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                 02/19/2018 10:55 AM  
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07/04/2011 08:40 PM ID: 89993 Permalink   

Another Sex Assault Complaint Against Strauss-Kahn?


The attorney for French author Tristane Banon says his client intends to sue Dominique Strauss-Kahn because the ex-IMF chief tried to rape her in 2002.

Baron´s mother, a member of French Parliament, confirmed the attack on her daughter. She said after the incident she convinced her daughter not to press charges.

Strauss-Kahn has just been released from house arrest after details from his accuser´s past emerged last week.

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  A lot under..  
the suffice on this story?

Random thought! I really wish I was not such a Miss Marple. It does me no good! :)
  by: captainJane     07/04/2011 11:09 PM     

We will see a Miss Marple next week on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS (that awful communist TV network that Republicans despise). We just saw two new episodes of Hercule Poirot. That is excellent television. Thank you, US government.
  by: Lurker     07/04/2011 11:38 PM     
I knew that really @ Lurker. ;) Just testing!

Can´t even be bothered to look up what is being said about this story. Lies, lies and more BS. I will just sit back and wait until it is all over and hope for a few grains of truth then.
  by: captainJane     07/05/2011 04:09 AM     
  French writer...  
about to accuse him as well? She alleges that he tried to rape her eight years ago.

Mmm. The plot is really thickening now.
My bet is that this won´t stand up for long in court. To much time has passed!

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     07/05/2011 04:25 AM     
  this is what happens  
this is what happens when victims are afraid to come forward .. and after while and after the healing, when they see it happen to another, the anger rises in them, and sometimes coming forward is to late and does no good. and I guess the mother of this woman was afraid of the repercussions more than their name in the paper, after all, apparently he is very well connected.

[ edited by key2000 ]
  by: key2000     07/05/2011 06:05 AM     
  Hoping here..  
this does not harm their relationship as mother and daughter. @Key.

I must say he looks almost smug these days he is certainly lot more confident.

Maybe he knows he is as good as free!
  by: captainJane     07/06/2011 03:42 AM     
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