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                 02/22/2018 11:42 AM  
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07/04/2011 10:22 PM ID: 89997 Permalink   

Poll: 42 Percent of Americans Don´t Know When the US Declared Its Independence


A recently released Marist survey reveals that almost half of Americans don´t know that the United States declared its independence in 1776.

Also more than a quarter of those surveyed couldn’t correctly identify the country from which the United States declared its independence.

76 percent said Great Britain, 19 percent indicated they don´t know exactly and 5 percent named other countries. The most wrong answers came from young people.

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  by: incubusphan   07/04/2011 11:00 PM     
  Same kind..  
of idiots who would vote for obama.. America keeps getting dumber.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   07/05/2011 01:15 AM     
... This is the America we love and mock from Canada. Is it any wonder we Canadians look down on you?
  by: kwtchronicles     07/05/2011 01:51 AM     
24% is not more than a quarter... sorry.


shut up.
  by: jamesmc   07/05/2011 02:23 AM     

[ edited by key2000 ]
  by: key2000     07/05/2011 06:23 AM     
These are undoubtedly children of Liberal parents who also taught them Karl Marx was the first president and that they shouldn´t have to try hard in school because the government would take care of them.

This is what happens when the Libs keep lowering the standards in school.
  by: carnold     07/05/2011 06:55 AM     
Did you get my PM ya douche? I just figured out we had that option, cause Im smart
  by: t-bagger   07/05/2011 07:25 AM     
Easy now, Im from Canada like Terrance and Phillips. It´s the Socialist education system that is the problem down there. Lots of teachers dont care to teach because there is no inherent incentive for some. They are protected from being fired, so what do they care. We have the same so its predictably on its way for us too :(

[ edited by t-bagger ]
  by: t-bagger   07/05/2011 07:28 AM     
  Of course Arnie blames liberals  
he spent the 4th at a Paul Revere Bell Ringing re-enactment.
  by: mcink2   07/05/2011 04:27 PM     
LOL. Yes, I got your PM. Sent one back.
  by: carnold     07/05/2011 04:40 PM     
have something to do with this:

Just 13% of America´s high school students know their US history
  by: Questioning_Answers     07/05/2011 04:54 PM     
  To some History comes with age!  
Pardon the pun.
  by: captainJane     07/05/2011 05:15 PM     
  in other news  
99.99% of americans can´t find their a$$ if they had both hands handcuffed behind their backs (ironically placing the hands exactly where they would need to be to find said a$$, but since hijackers can take over planes with some box cutters and some ruthless language, my money is on them never finding their butt). Same could be said about a wet paper bag no lights and trying to get out of it.

I remember watching this show that went around NYC with a global map that was blank (meaning there wasn´t any writing on it). You should SEE where most americans think France is; apparently it´s the small Island off the coast of AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! Absolute nightmare...

Sometimes I think I´m diagonally parked in a parallel universe. -- Mfan
  by: meshuggahfan   07/05/2011 06:15 PM     
  @ahhhhhh & carnold  
Only by the same levels of intelligence complained about in the article could anyone have managed to blame Obama & ´Liberals´. What next ? Hurricanes are Obama´s fault ? That Japanese Tsunami down to the Liberals ?

You know, as much as you boil with hatred, not *everything* can be distilled into black and white, right and wrong, left and right, ´us v them´. Those concepts are the reserve of morons without the intellectual capacity to contemplate anything more complex. Life, unfortunately, *is* complex.
  by: anengineer   07/06/2011 02:38 AM     
You certainly don´t inspire belief in your own wit if you felt that it was required to explain your own joke about hand placement and butts.

Also, you must be pretty gullible if you think things like that show aren´t staged.
  by: velger   07/06/2011 02:41 AM     
  About a week after 9/11  
is when Jeannie Moos began her style of human oddness series. Years later I saw her interviewed, perhaps on 60 Minutes? I no longer recall - saying the 9/11 attack hit her personally so hard she couldn´t cover the regular news anymore. Her first "Oddness" piece was "Heres a map, find Your State / Iraq / etc for me".

Most, could not.

Jay Leno says his Jay Walking series is shot in under 15 minutes, no prep work. No "Ringers".

That is just sad.
  by: mcink2   07/06/2011 03:10 AM     
To say america is ´getting stupider´ isnt right. we didnt survey this question on previous generations and compare the data. all we can say is that the current population of the USA is . well lets be nice and say uneducated.

and FYI. you´d be amazed how many canadians dont know when their country was founded.

lol.. can you tell me *WHY* the frence surrended their territory in north america? ;)

hint - it was for the suga baby

[ edited by thedeeder ]
  by: thedeeder   07/06/2011 08:01 PM     
Please man, for your own sake. Go get your asian ass laid or go relax by the pool WITHOUT logging into short news. God help you.
  by: nicpre     07/07/2011 12:11 AM     
  Always humorous  
to see the rightwing complain about leftist schools when countries which are more leftist actually kick US arse.

Laissez faire wouldn´t even bother schooling everyone, there is no profit and not everyone would be able to afford it.
  by: Kaleid   07/07/2011 12:46 AM     
I am sure there are morons across the political spectrum. 1776 is symbolic - 1781 is concrete.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/07/2011 02:44 AM     
  I don´t see anything terribly wrong with this  
It´s only natural that we learn things which directly impact us here and now. There are so many things that are important, but I feel it´s better to feel grateful for our freedom than to know how and why we got that freedom.

I couldn´t name off all the states in the US and their capitals. Given enough time, perhaps I could name the states on paper by naming what I know and thing thinking about what´s missing. Does that make me a bad person? No. Unpatriotic? I don´t think so. I simply learn things I need to learn.

There is so much more to life than knowing hard facts. Where is the love for one another? Where is the desire to not raise up in arms the moment someone offends us? Or to hate people who can’t remember the origins of our independence? Do you suppose it is better to know who wrote the Declaration of Independence than to love the ignorant? Is it not better to bless them that curse you rather than insult those who don’t know certain dates or locations?

What a terrible thing we have done with our freedom to grow such evil in our hearts one towards another.
  by: LykosSN4   07/07/2011 07:20 AM     
  by: mcink2   07/07/2011 07:30 AM     
  by: silencedmajority   07/07/2011 02:15 PM     
  Mark Dice´s 4th of July video showed exactly this
Idiot Americans dont have a frigin clue^

Im starting to think that the US is ripe for a police state because they are so damned dumb.
  by: slavefortheman     07/07/2011 04:48 PM     
  and they call Thanks Giving  
Turkey Day´´.

Glaring lack of respect.
  by: mcink2   07/07/2011 05:03 PM     
  @ velger  
you assume i don´t work for a huge IT firm and don´t see dumbass idiots like yourself on a daily basis. You assume too much. Congrats on getting my joke, 90% of everyone else needed those subtitles as to not get lost in the art of critical thinking. Why is your computer infected?? Quit looking at porn jerk face.
  by: meshuggahfan   07/07/2011 06:59 PM     
Yeah, MUST be Libs. If a Repub said it they´d just convince enough people it was true.
  by: syoware   07/07/2011 07:23 PM     
  @ All of you ......  
I love how any "poll" instantly turns to a political debate about what party such and such percentage belong to...

Being a member of any party/group has absolutely nothing to do with whether you took basic U.S. History classes... :-P

I would venture to guess that if the poll had included the question "What political party do you belong to?" the results likely would have been close to even between dems and repubs....
  by: jeffillinois   07/07/2011 08:16 PM     
You seem to make the assumption that the US isn´t already a police state...

Have you traveled by air lately? Opened a bank account? Started a business? Remodeled your home?
  by: silencedmajority   07/08/2011 03:09 AM     
Its not a total police state just yet. We still have the ability to fight back. Once that right is taken away, 2nd amendment and even the 1st, then America will cease to exist. In the mean time, we can still regain lost ground as long as we hold onto the last bits and pieces. However, if we let them go, everything will be gone for a very long time and may never return.

I will not be surprised if I someday stand up at a ball game for the national anthem of Georgia (my home state), or whatever nation it ends up becoming. I do not see the US being able to survive much longer if it is insolvent. Police state or not.
  by: slavefortheman     07/08/2011 03:46 AM     
  I wish I could argue with you slave.  
Also, I forgot to ask if you had attempted to procure a recreational drug of your choice lately that contained no alcohol.

But yeah, it´s not a complete police state. I hear that convicted pot smokers get one hour per day where they can choose to do anything they want, so long as they want to read in a library, lift weights, shoot basketball or stand alone outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  by: silencedmajority   07/08/2011 04:03 AM     
  by: mcink2   07/08/2011 06:29 AM     
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