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                 02/23/2018 09:47 AM  
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07/05/2011 08:22 PM ID: 90002 Permalink   

Researchers: Man´s Fingers Show His Penis Length


Researchers in Korea claim there is a method to determine penis length by how long fingers are.

According to Dr. Tae Beom Kim´s research team, the lower the ratio of the length of a man´s index finger to that of his ring finger the larger the penis may be.

"Based on this evidence, we suggest that digit ratio can predict adult penile size, and that the effects of prenatal testosterone may in part explain the differences in adult penile length," the study authors say.

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I thought I was avg, but given this new calculation of my hands my penis is larger. South Park FTW.
  by: vhan     07/05/2011 09:53 PM     
  Korean scientist #1:  
"I bet you a million dollars I can make men around the world take their hands out of their pants and look at them."

Korean scientist #2: "You´re on!"
  by: Dekar   07/05/2011 11:07 PM     
It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg. The length of a penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman´s heart beats faster then a man´s. Women blink 2 times as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. A woman has read this entire post & the man is still looking at his thumb.
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/05/2011 11:21 PM     
  Fingers Ratio  
So a shorter thumb and a longer index. Kind of make sense for me, i have smaller than average sized fingers but my shoes are size 13 if you know what i mean.

[ edited by kmazzawi ]
  by: kmazzawi     07/06/2011 01:08 AM     
  I know that one!  

About the summary. It the feet not the finger. :/
  by: captainJane     07/06/2011 03:47 AM     
  Was about to leave whhen i read this.  
Good heavens, size thirteen?
  by: captainJane     07/06/2011 03:49 AM     
Yeah, well mine is only 3 inches...

  by: Garbasche   07/06/2011 04:49 AM     
  consider the source  
Asians have small penises

nuff said
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   07/06/2011 05:44 AM     
While doing a push-up
  by: ronny_cordova   07/07/2011 01:35 AM     
my ring finger, and my index finger, are the same length... Can that tell me what size I would have been?

I´m recalling a line from the movie Armageddon, from the Russian, after drawing straws...

"Is this good? Or what?"
  by: vlynxy   07/07/2011 05:29 AM     
Size 13 feet here!
  by: claridus   07/07/2011 12:34 PM     
  This just in...  
A man´s penis shows his penis length and a man´s finger shows his finger length.

  by: silencedmajority   07/07/2011 01:24 PM     
On top of the park monkey bars.

And before you ask...during the winter.
  by: Garbasche   07/07/2011 01:52 PM     
What?? Are you trying to tell us, that correlation does not necessarily imply causation?

Oh wait... this article is in the ~Science~ section... I thought I was still in the ~Political Science~ section...
  by: vlynxy   07/07/2011 03:45 PM     
Something like that. Actually, in scientific terms, my comment was meant to explain that this study is based upon an illogical fallace.

I´m sure you´ve studied this phenomenon more than I have, but if you´re in need of more scientific data, feel free to consult with captainjane or my butterfly. ;-)
  by: silencedmajority   07/08/2011 03:02 AM     
Oh I know... I just sometimes like to play with things that have become meme-ish, when they fit the theme ;-)

Although I have read of similar studies where they have found some correlation between ring and index fingers, also in relation to lesbian folks... it´s just not the sort of thing that is "always true"...

Besides, as I said on another silly thread where this subject came up... so to speak... in my experience... length can´t make up for lack of Leet Skillz.

Truth be told, I haven´t actually had very many opportunities to study this particular phenomenon... I also tend to prefer to observe things for myself, before taking someone else word...

But... I think their word will suffice in this instance...


~nibbles on her pinkie, lost in thought...~
  by: vlynxy   07/08/2011 05:15 AM     
  Oh how cruel you are...  
nibbling away, all the while knowing how keen you are on observing things for yourself.
  by: silencedmajority   07/08/2011 06:09 AM     
whats their reaction to this?
  by: smgordon1259   07/08/2011 05:32 PM     
Parental testosterone and it´s associated hormones is also a factor in baldness..

So us bald guys with size 13 shoes...chyeah...

Or not.. According to these factors I should be swinging a maglev train around, but in reality, average length, extra girth..

At the end of the day.. The number of these studies I see pop up on here, and the number of people I hear say it doesn´t apply to them.. has me skeptical penis size is relevant to anything other than penis size...
  by: Pyronius     07/08/2011 09:01 PM     
~blinks~ hmmm?

Oh. Well... keep in mind as a kid, I had a microscope, a telescope, a chemistry set, one of those electronics kits you could build your own radio out of... things like that... while my little brothers never grew out of toy guns ~lol~

Readin about stuff, just ain´t the same as actually gettin´ your hands dirty...


Where did I put my lab coat.

  by: vlynxy   07/08/2011 09:29 PM     
  its true!!  
great post!

  by: libeadice   12/21/2011 08:09 PM     
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